Treat for grubs before laying sod?

bindersbee(6a UT)May 16, 2007

We had the most disasterous lawn- chuck full of weeds and some areas had grubs. It was thin because there wasn't any topsoil under it (I don't think) when it had been seeded- then the house was empty for a month before we moved in. The grass never had a chance really.

I say had because last fall we had a bobcat come in and rip it all out and we started over. New top-of-the-line irrigation system. A minimum of 2" of new topsoil has been spread and finely raked across all turfgrass areas. I've gone to a lot of work and expense to get us back to this point and tommorrow evening and the next day, we'll be laying the sod! Finally!

I have purchased the fertilizer the turfgrass company requires you to put down in order to have the sod warranteed for the first year and we will apply that as directed. My question is- do we put down some sort of slow-release grub preventer at this time too? Did the grubs go away with the ripped out sod? I know that in general you are supposed to treat for grubs in the late summer/ fall but I wondered if there is anything I could/should do now?

Oh- we have done two rounds of round up on weeds prior to the new topsoil coming so hopefully we've cut back the amount of weed seed in the yard- though I'm sure the new soil probably has plenty of that.

Anything else we should know/do before we lay the sod? I've gotten a lot of help here previously and wanted you to know that I have implemented suggestions made here in the past (which is partly why we've spent so much money redoing the mess)!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm not sure where you heard/read about treating grubs in the late summer. They are dormant by then. They are active in the mid to late spring (NOW). But they are not going to be in your soil because you have not had any roots for them to feed on. I would not worry about grubs this year, but in preparation for the future, you might look into using milky spore. Milky spore is a disease that kills grubs but doesn't affect most other creatures. Your soil needs a booster shot of it every year.

Roundup doesn't do anything to seed. It only works on the green part of the plant.

I'm curious as to what fertilizer the company has you buying???

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bindersbee(6a UT)

I'll check on what the fertilizer is when it gets here. It's some sort of slow release thing I think because it's applied to the soil before laying the sod on top. The company I'm getting the sod from works with our local Ag university on developing KBG blends that will be more drought resistant in our climate and has a good reputation. I am getting 'contractor price' on the sod (5 cents less per sq. ft.) so I guess if I have to spend $50 on some fertilizer it's still a bargain. It is a bit of a pain though that you only get the warrantee if you buy the fertilizer.

Thanks for the advice on the grubs. I won't worry for this year. Like everyone here, I just want a beautiful lawn. We've cut back the total square footage of sod (had about 8,500 sq.ft. now I'll have 3,500 sq.ft.) to be more waterwise given our climate so I want to pull out all the stops to make the lawn I have as beautiful as possible.

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bindersbee(6a UT)

By way of follow up- the fertilizer they are having me put down is a 4-6-4 root starter fertilizer. They package it as their own brand but the numbers are pretty low so it shouldn't be too much for a new lawn I wouldn't think.

I can't wait to post photos of my beautiful lawn! I've been dreaming about it for 8 years and we're finally getting all the expensive bones in place to create a beautiful landscape. Sigh. This is going to feel great AFTER the pain of laying the sod! My sod should be here any minute.

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