Soil Test Results: please guide

KYgatorMay 1, 2014

I am planning on doing a lawn renovation this fall, using a blend of five cultivars of TTTF. Soil test results look ok, but I am sure there are some improvements that can be made before the fall. Any guidance here would be appreciated. Logan Labs did the testing; here are the results:

Sample Depth in Inches: 6
Total Exchange Capacity (M. E.) 12.05
pH of Soil Sample: 7.6
Organic Matter, Percent: 3.19%
SULFUR p.p.m. 6
Mehlich III Phosphorous lbs/acre: 38
Calcium: 3143 (-133 deficit)
Magnesium: 814 (surplus of 468)
Potassium: 191 (-184 deficit)
Sodium lbs/acre: 44
Base saturation %'s ---
Calcium 65.23%
Magnesium 28.16%
Potassium 2.03%
Sodium 0.79%
Other bases (variable): 3.80%
Exchangable Hydrogen: 0.00%
Trace Elements ---
Boron (p.p.m.) 0.39
Iron (p.p.m.) 112
Manganese (p.p.m.) 220
Copper (p.p.m.) 1.93
Zinc (p.p.m.) 2.92
Aluminum (p.p.m.) 533

Thank you.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Do a Google search for the following terms: andy, logan labs, soil test. Skip over the links to Logan Labs and back to Gardenweb. Go to the others. Andy can fix you up.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

I have a funny feeling that that will work.

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Why the drama?

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Why the drama? Because in 2006, Spike, the originator of Gardenweb, sold out to iVillage. Spike had his hands extremely full and was not as able to police the project like iVillage was. In 2007 iVillage/Gardenweb banned people for life because they proselytized and linked to a new lawn forum which sprung up. Gardenweb made the use of that new forum's name a banned word in their dictionary. Then another forum popped up when that first alternate forum proved to be too authoritarian. This next forum got that same treatment where the use of the word was not allowed here. That forum has been renamed to the one you linked to. Apparently Gardenweb has not caught on to the new name.

In any case it is usually a violation of the terms of service of any forum containing commercial advertising to link out to forums with similar themes. The advertisers don't want to make it easy to click yourself away from their messages.

So this minor drama is how we avoid the major drama and trauma. Many lawn gurus do not post here because of a history between 2002 and 2007 of off topic arguments. It was not unusual to see simple questions go up to the 100-post limit with sometimes vicious bantering back and forth. Sadly some really competent people left or were banned. Myself, Andy, texas weed, bpgreen, turf toes, and a few others have managed to keep our noses just clean enough to avoid the Gardenweb ban hammer. But they mostly stay away from here. That's partly why Andy does not read soil test results here.

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