snapper mowers

huffaker1April 1, 2013

ihave been using snapper mowers for over 20 yrs.. they have been sold and believe briggs and stratton own them now. you can buy the mower like mine but the call it a commercial mower it has 6 foward speeds and uses the ninja blade and will out cut and mulch the grass better than any mower on the market. mulching is better for your yard. cr does not like snapper and they do not cut enough grass to know mowers, i have told them so. briggs engines are very good and there is no need to pay more for honda engine. rear drive is the best way. homedepot and lowes sell the very cheap mowers at a high price. no body bags,but the make all mowers for bagging at lowes and homedepot, my snappers last for over 10yrs

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And the question is ?

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