Lawn Mower Recommendations?

withoutinkApril 22, 2011

We just fired the landscaping company. They haven't been doing good by us for awhile now. So, its time to buy a lawn mower.

I used to own a mower a number of years ago. I cannot remember the brand, but it was supposedly "self propelled" although I always felt like I was going to have a heart attack after pushing the thing like it was a broken down car.

Anyway, I live in south florida and we have that st augustine grass. Plus we live on a bit of an incline. so mowing can start to get difficult at times. So, this time I want a GOOD self propelled mower that doesn't make me feel like I have one foot in the grave after mowing the yard.

Some friends have recommended Honda mowers, as supposedly their self propelled versions are very good. Plus I heard they mulch the grass nicely. I need to buy a mower this weekend...

Here are a few I am looking at:

Honda HRX217VKA $599

Honda HRX217HXA $699

Honda HRR216VKA $399

Here are my requirements:

1. I want something reliable that last for along time

2. Easy to start, my old mower sometimes required 10m of threatening before it started

3. Good mulching capability (not fond of bagging)

4. Powerful self-propelled wheels - I want to steer the mower, not train for the Olympics

5. Decent warranty

I dont mind spending up to $700 for the mower, as I am saving $$ from the fired landscaper and can recoupe the cost in about 7 months.

Any recommendation on any of these, or others I should take a look at?

I need to make the purchase this weekend, so your help is greatly appreciated!


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Toro Super Recycler will meet all of your criteria.

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jtyrie(Z7+ DFW)

Take a look at my post, "Honda Mower Question." I have the HRX217HXA and am having a bit of a problem with mine. It has probably only been used 10 or 12 times and I have already had to have the carb replaced and it was not covered under warranty. The dealer blamed it on bad gas but I'm starting to think that wasn't the real problem.

One slight gripe I have with that model is that it seems to be a little bit heavy in the back. I too have a slope and the front wheels sometimes lift off of the ground. It is more of a problem when I bag than when I mulch. I almost think a front wheel model drive would work better.

Also, it has the little slider gizmo that you move to tell it if you are mulching or bagging. When you are mulching, the chute tends to get filled up with cut grass and causes a mess when you clean up and have to deal with a wad of clippings. The old Hondas had a plastic plug that you slid in. I believe that was much more effective.

The mower does a fantastic job of cutting. My previous experience with the Honda motor was great. I love the BBC system that doesn't kill the motor every time you stop mowing for a minute. If you are looking at electric start, IMO, you don't need it. Even with the carb problems, my mower has started on first pull almost every time.

The other brand that I was close to purchasing was Toro. I heard a lot of good things about them but chose the Honda because my old mower was a Honda.

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Toro Super Recycler 20092--this will meet all your requirements. I've had one for two years and love it. It starts easily, mulches well, and is easy to use.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I will check out the SR from toro

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I just got the Toro 20197 Super Bagger. It has rear wheel drive, and the Personal Pace drive system that will keep pace with the user. Not too fast or too slow. It has Blade Stop so that the engine can keep running while you empty a bag. Or go move an obstical.

Being Super Bagger, it has the 5 year maintenance and warranty features included, an aluminum rather than steel deck and Honda engine.

I have only used it once so far but my initial impression is WOW! It started every time on one light pull of the rope. The bag was very easy to remove and empty and the engine did keep running while I removed the bag. Contrary to a reply that I got to a post I made a couple months ago. The personal pace drive did seem to adjust to my pace while cutting. I too have a small hill in my yard but the drive seemed very adequate and
stable going up and coming back down. Only gripe I had was not seeming to cut close along the right side. I need to circle trees, cut edgings, along the house etc., along the left side of the mower. This is a new home for me and a lot of this will be resolved by devising my routine for cutting. Also, if this is any indication of anything the cuttings in the bag seemed pretty finely cut. It has been a looooong time since I mowed a lawn but it seemed a lot finer than the clippings on mowers I used in the past.

The mower came with a plug that you can put in the bagging chute for mulching and a side discharge deflector that seem easy to install. It also seems pretty quiet as my past mowers have been fairly loud. I look forward to getting back out again if only our weather will dry out some.

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