plate flower problem

suebeeeAugust 18, 2011

Has anyone had any problem with some of your glass pieces on your flower cracking later on? Not always the same area,small crack in glass, look at it a few days later and it gotten bigger. Don't know if it is flaw in glass or I'am doing something wrong, like too much silicone or pressing too hard???? Using the ge silicone and auto goop for spoons. Not happening with all just have had a few some are in the yard and not falling apart. Inlaws want some but don't want to give something then it cracks. Thanks for any info, Suebeee

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Marlene Kindred

I'm assuming that you are only gluing and not using a nut and bolt, correct? It could be the the plate had a flaw already or it could be that you are pressing too hard. No need to press hard at all...only enough to get the air pockets out and make a good seal. I've not had any of mine crack. You don't by chance have them too close to the road or the driveway and rocks are hitting them do you? Or is someone getting to close with a weed whacker or lawn mower? I've only had one broken and that was when DH got too close trimming the grass.

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Yes only gluing. I think it has to be that they had a flaw and then maybe I pressed to hard. Because one I found the small start of a crack hadn't even been put outside yet. Also wondering if one can use too much silicone? Really have fun putting them together but then when this happens kind of spoils the fun. Will move on and just look more closely at the glass and be more gentle. Thank for your input. Suebeee

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

If you are using second-hand glass from thrift shops and whatnot it might be that the fracture was already there, you just didn't see it initially, and with working the pieces the crack expanded. In my own frenzy I have often purchased items that had problems, but I was so happy at finding the piece I never saw it until I got it home.

BTW....I still cannot figure out what "DH" stands for. Marlene-can you help?? The H must be husband, yes? Designated husband (partner but not married??) Dearest husband? Dopey husband?? Delirious Honey? Dat Homey?? (OK...getting goofey here...)


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That seems to be the only answer. Would be so excited that I found a cool piece of glass to use I didn't think about it having a flaw. Will try and look more at the items I find. Thanks, Sue

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Beatrice, we politely always assume "dear" husband (dh) or "dear" daughter (dd), etc. However what people are thinking when they type it is up to them!

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I've made about 60 totems and plates over the last year and a half and to my surprise I had two get a crack after glueing. I didn't even get them outside yet when I noticed the crack. Strange, however, I was thrilled to be able to keep them and display them in my own garden instead of selling them. I can't figure out why but the cracks were on saucers and started from the middle and worked outward. They still are beautiful and haven't fallen apart this past year.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I have never had it happen, but maybe I'm just lucky.
It sound like it happens soon after gluing if it happens at all. So they ones without cracks are safe to give away.

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Thats the way mine happened,on the saucer and from the middle out. Must have been a flaw or weak point in the glass. Mine are in my yard, cracks got bigger but still together. Sue

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