Lawnboy 8238AE self propelled

muzzy1April 18, 2012

mower starts and runs great cold but if I need to shut it off for any reason it will be very hard to restart unless it cools down or if I cool down the motor with water then it will restart. Mechanical ? Electrical ? Fuel ? Would a float adjustment correct this ?

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Float needle MAY not be seating letting the engine flood. Try shutting the gas off 15 seconds before stopping the engine.

Walt Conner

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Check the crank seals. I had one that would only restart with the choke fully on when warm. It ended up having the lower crank seal pushed all the way out. I never expected it to run so well with the crank seal all the way out but it was hard to start and had poor governor response.

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I don't think your problem is heat related.
I've got a LB model 10301, and it doesn't
have an engine/blade brake. To shut it off,
you just have to release the bale on the
handle. What this does is ground the ignition
module. The engine continues to spin for
about 4 or 5 seconds with no spark.
I'm guessing that the gas that is drawn
into the combustion chamber during this
'wind down',floods it. After a couple
of hours it starts right up.

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Sounds about rite for a lawnboy everyone ive ever owned does that. I use B&S now they dnt do that.

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