Lowes Bolens 5.5-Torque 21 Start issue

classicdave(9)April 8, 2010

Ok, bought this nice little cost effective mower last year from lowes.

I'm an A/C mechanic so Lawn care is not fun for me. Anything hot on the weekends doesn't soot my fancy because I'm in hot attics all week.

Anyways I start my mower only to have it die out after the prime. I said ok, let me check the air filter. It was sort of dirty so I replaced it and the air filter gasket.

I then started the mower only for it to die out again!

I then do the prime test:

start the mower as it is running off the prime I press the prime pusher again and it will keep running as long as I keep priming it.

Oh no, you don't do this to me Mr Lawn mower! You pissed off the wrong guy!

I'm the guy who will tear every bolt out of you and build you back or the opposite I'll put an Axe in you.

Anyways I take the prime pusher plastic carburetor off, there is a diaphragm gasket underneath that. I checked it and it looked flimsy but I thought damn it's only a year old.

Cleaned the metal on the gas tank where the diaphragm sits and the bottom plastic carburetor so the gasket would have a nice seal.

Put everything back and BAM the lawn mower was save from getting an axe put in it.

The easy solution or the quick fix is that there is 4 screws that holds the plastic carburetor to the gas tank and in between those two parts is a diaphragm gasket. If your mower is new like mine sure enough the screws may be loose that holds the primer carburetor to the gas tank so tighten those down this will seal all the edges of that flimsy carburetor gasket and you be up an running. If your mower is older then your diaphragm gasket may need to be replaced.

To celebrate my conquest over my mower I got the joy of mowing my yard. Such Fun!


if you should need a diaphragm gasket and your engine is a briggs and stratton you can go to their website and buy parts or you can go back to lowes buy an axe and do my next option if the lawn mower gives you more problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs and Stratton Parts

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