cat pooping in newly seeded lawn

sgullMay 30, 2014

A neighborhood cat has been doing its poop business every night into the top soft inch or so of compost/soil layer I laid down and seeded with grass seed, hoping to get a lawn to grow in my 60 ft x 60 foot backyard. Since planting several days ago and awaiting eventual germination of the grass seed, each morning I see that the cat has scratched up a different spot and did it's dump. It's a seven or eight foot high fenced in yard with pickets spaced every four inches or so. I took the effort of installing/securing some strong vinyl mesh netting from ground level up to 3 feet high on the fence, hoping that would prevent the cat from crawling in through the pickets, but still the cat is managing to enter somehow so that deterrent is just not working.
Any suggestions on a method to deter this cat from from doing this? I know there are those different electronic gadgets that are supposed to work to prevent this kind of thing but do they really work, or is there something else I can try before shelling out bucks for one of those gadgets? It's obvious the cat will continue this habit in my seed soil unless I can do something stop it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live?
What kind of grass did you seed?

If you live in the north and seeded with fescue and/or Kentucky bluegrass, then you have until August to figure this out. Why? Because this time of year the only grass that will germinate and survive the summer heat is crabgrass.

If you live in the south and planted bermuda seed, ignore the cat. All you need is for a few bermuda seeds to survive and you will have it coming out your ears by July.

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At least for me, the electronic gizmos worked, though we used them indoors to teach our cat to not go upstairs. It was motion triggered and made a noise that was aversive to the cat though we couldn't hear it.

A better bet outdoors might be one of the motion-triggered sprinklers since most cats have an aversion to water. Scattering shredded orange peels around the yard perimeter might also help since the scent of citrus isn't something most cats like.

Here's a link to the type of sprinkler that I imagine would work well to discourage your visitor.

Here is a link that might be useful: scarecrow motion activated sprinkler

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