john98April 14, 2010

I have a carftsman 21.5 riding lawn mower about 8 years old. the problem i have is the left hand side burns real nice and hot on the right side it floods out and cold i checked the coil it seems to be working fine. any options i switch the plugs and the same thing happens.

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Posting the model number of the engine may help.

Walt Conner

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Did you check for spark AT the plug and did you check for compression on that cylinder?

At any rate, you're probably contaminating your oil with gasoline.

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i do have spark at both plugs the only thing i have to do is change the oil its very old. if there is a gas smell with the oil what do i do then? after i chage the oil and there is fresh where do i go from there

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May be pull the offending valve cover and have a look?

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By all means, and $4 to $5, buy a fuel shut-off valve and install it in the fuel line. Then have the carb rebuilt.

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