More rusty stuff...

tasymoAugust 26, 2010

...on my blog!

Here is a link that might be useful: more rusty stuff

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Great stuff! I don't think any barns in So. Dak. have basements, what fun that would be!In H.S. a bunch of us kids got in a car, probably my dad's old Hudson & we went looking for empty old deserted farm houses, we had more fun checking them out,only entered if doors were open or windows broken out, we didn't do any damage just had fun seeing what the old places were like & wondering if any were haunted, I did get in trouble tho as my dad was not happy I got in at 2 am, later he admitted he had done the same thing! Oh, you do wash the eggs well before using, I hope! I wash Bing cherries & peaches, apricots, pears & plums with soap & water, also watermelon & other melons as so many people handle them, if in garden birds poop on or near them etc. Much more careful than I used to be. Thanks! Jan

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The rusty stuff, as well as the kitchen things reminds me of all the things I have in my storage buildings. I have been 'collecting' things since Bill retired from the Navy in 1982, and now I am beginning to think I need to really use, or sell some of it 'as is'. A lot of it I bought to paint on, but I am getting more and more 'lazy', (as in old and tire quickly)-LOL
And addicted to the computer too!

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Boy, I LOVE YOUR RUSTY STUFF!!!! Send it my way!!!!! Cool stuff!

Love your chickens too! We're talking about having chickens! You're inspiring us!


Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Thanks Friends! Sunny, I do wash my eggs well before using them, but not until just before... they stay fresh longer if you leave the natural "bloom" on them. Of course any gunk get removed right after they are collected. Nona, I know what you mean. Collecting stuff is just so enjoyable, but once it's stashed away it tends to get forgotten, and I can never find that one perfect item for a project that I just know I have SOMEWHERE. Kirk, you won't be sorry if you decide to get chickens, and your kids will love 'em!

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Well, tasymo, I am lovin' your rusty stuff...I have a bit of that myself...great GJ! and your chickens are so good-lookin'! Years ago I had some, too. Old pulleys & such I hang on a old rope, too...I covered a BB with old rope for in nautical garden. TFS...nice blog, great pics! Jeanne S.

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