Need advice for this weekend: thin/cut weeds before spraying?

mariana6b(6b)May 16, 2014

I have a large section of lawn that has been totally taken over by creeping charlie AKA ground ivy. There is no grass in this area. I tried thinning it with a dethatching rake. I removed a little of it after much effort but I there's no way I can remove all of it. Should I continue to thin it or cut it with a mower before spraying with an herbicide? A master garden who advised me said said she always 'roughs up' weeds before spraying. She believes that damaging them cause them to work harder to repair themselves and thus they take in the chemicals more vigorously. I always thought that the leaves should stay intact before spraying, but since the weeds are really thick I thought that thinning the amount would be helpful. Since creeping charlie roots are close to the surface anyway - would raking them over help expose the roots more and make them easier to hit?

I plan on using Weed B Gone with tryclopry after reading about others' experiences with creeping charlie. Tried RoundUp in some areas and it didn't seem to do anything. There is no grass to save - any advice on what to do to clear it?

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Sorry about double posting here - I didn't think the first post showed up.

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Luisfmart(Zone 9)

I would just spray it. If there is no grass like you said then give it a good spray of Weed B Gon. It should wilt within a week or two, depending on how large the area is.

Obviously, if you could remove some of it before spraying that would be less area to cover but if it's difficult then just spray it down.

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