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perrymk(8)April 5, 2011

I have a Quick36 on order but it's been delayed and now I see on their website that the model I ordered is no longer listed. In anticipation of my order being cancelled (and hopefully a prompt refund) I am considering other wide cut mowers for home use. Hopefully I can get some opinions.


fair number of obstacles, park in shed with 44 inch door, not too bad for hills but a couple of semi-steep ditches so prefer a walk behind to a rider. I also have some narrow spaces to pass through so 36 inches is probably max width.

1.5 hours mowing with a 22" so far but will take longer as summer heats up.

Here is what I have some up with:

Craftsman-10.5 hp 33" Briggs & Stratton Wide Cut


Is this mower made in Indonesia? I'm not anti-Indonesia, but I'd prefer a US made mower simply because I live in the US and like to support the US. Otherwise it looks like a decent mower.

Home Pro 34 from Billy Goat


From what I can tell it's made in the US. A bit more money than the Craftsman but less than the Quick36.

I'm open to other suggestions also. I'm still hoping the Quick36 comes through for me but I need to be ready with my options. Summer is fast approaching and I don't want to push 1.5-2 hours in the heat. I may go for a Snapper RER except the ditches have me concerned.


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Hopefully BOP takes care of you.

Ariens/Gravely has a 34". Priced around $1250.

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Thanks. I saw the Ariens 34" but it has received almost exclusively bad reviews.

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Anyone ever hear of wide cut mowers by Sutech? Looks like they make a 33 inch. I too am in the market for a wide cut for residential use and would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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What I've learned so far. It seems Sutech, Craftsman, Billy Goat all get similar reviews. Billy Goat and Sutech appear to be built in the US. Craftsman I can't tell except the B&S engine probably is US made. Sutech appears not to have a reverse. Ariens also makes a 34 inch wide cut but it gets mostly negative reviews.

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Another thing I learned is that the Craftsman mower has three belts, the Billy Goat has two. On less thing to break I suppose.

I also called Better Outdoor Products. It seems my mower is on its way so hopefully next weekend I am mowing more yard in less time.

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I received my Quick36. I ordered the Fox model, the basic pull start 13.5 HP B&S. I used it Saturday.

What I like:
*Fits in my shed (44" door).
*Fit through some tight spaces mowing. Anything wider would not have fit.
*Easy enough to handle.
*Instant push button reverse.

What I didn't like / will take some getting use to:
*Plastic cover over belts has hand nuts that undo easy enough, but one really has to wriggle and just about force the cover through a tight area to get it off. This is necessary for cleaning around the belts. maybe there's a trick to this I haven't figured out yet.
*Vibration. I've never used a mower like this so was unprepared. I had to stop several times to shake my hands awake. I will be getting some gel-filled anti-vibration gloves.
*Company. Not a bad company, but a couple of emails would have made things a lot smoother, especially when my order was delayed. I had to contact them. They never initiated contact to say it would be late or why.

What I really, really like:
*Made is USA.
*Mowing time went from 2 hours with a 22" push mower to 1 hour with the Quick 36.

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