Has Anyone Tried Turf Trust?

gto66(z5 IL)May 21, 2013

I have used Scotts products and have not been happy with the way that my lawn looks. It does not stand up to summer heat and browns out before the end of June. I have heard about Turf Trust that is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of lawn fertilizer. It is supposed to keep the grass roots healthy enough to remain green throughout the summer with minimal watering. Has any one here tried it, and does it really work well? Thank you.

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Yes, it really works. As Turf Trust provides a balanced nitrogen supply for lawns. The combination of water-soluble (WS) and water-insoluble nitrogen (WIN) promotes growth of grass. It also feeds your lawn slowly and gently, protecting the environment by reducing nutrient run-off and most importantly it lasts for 12-14 weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Village Green Turf

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Why is it different than any other slow release fertilizer?

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Just marketing. In summer, you really don't want to force growth on cool season grasses as this will use up the plants stored resources faster and increase water demand. You shouldn't fertilize in summer regardless of what you are using despite what big companies like Scotts says on their bags and in their commercials. Many people forego the spring feeding or use organics but if you want to fertilize, Memorial day is the latest I would put synthetic nitrogen down. Lesco/JDL carries many fertilizers that are a combination of WS and WIN nitrogen that would accomplish the same thing as Turf Trust.

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