the wire rings

beck_wi(z5 WI)August 3, 2010

I acquired 12 of these wires. They are about 12" long with a 1 1/2" loop at the top.

Immediately I thought I would wire something into the center and make them into mini suncatchers to add color to the flower pots on my deck.

I found some gemstones in my stash that had loops on the back like buttons. I put them back to back and wired them in.... like this

The next one I tried gluing some marble backs to a paper clip and wiring them in but they are just too heavy for this wire and it bends... back to the drawing board on that one.

I also have some stamped glass butterflies I thought of putting in there, but I suspect they will also be too heavy..... so I'm back to square one. I have 11 of these wires and I know that there are some FABulous things to be done with them, but I'm much better at copying than I am coming up with it myself.

I wish I had, or knew someone who has some stained glass scraps... I think they would be perfect for these.

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Why don't you double or even triple layer the hoops? The you could twine wire around them to hold 'em together. You won't have as many stakes, but they would be more sturdy.

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How 'bout some beads? Probably a bit lighter than the half marbles, but just as sparkly. You could string them along the wire like you have in the first pic...or something like this -

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I was going to make the same suggestions as shrillmtb as soon as I saw your wire loops. Just get some smaller gauge wire at a craft store. Twist some on one end of your loop and and beads and then twist onto the other side. It's almost like a dreamcatcher with beads. Kind of like what I did with this bottle bug.

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