Mower blade adapter key

silvermouseApril 9, 2010

I failed to put the hardened washer and lock washer on when I replaced the blade on my sp mower. The blade adapter broke (big chunk around the key) and I finally found a replacement adapter. The key is the circle sector type and I need to know if the flat part goes into the motor shaft keyway or into the blade adapter keyway. I have new washers and will never forget to put them on again. Thanks for your help.

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Your problem is not clear, as to the "circle key". What do you mean by this? Most blade adapters have either a separate square key, or a key formed inside the crankshaft hole of the adapter. You must have a key that fits in both the crankshaft and the blade adaptor, at the same time. Did you get the correct adapter, or just find one lying about?

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I finally found the name for the type key that's required. It's a Woodruff key. My thinking is that the flat side of the key should go into the adapter keyway and the rounded side into the shaft keyway, but I'm not sure.

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Your thinking is correct- provided it is the right style key for the shaft...

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Thanks, guys!!

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