Neighbor and my grass

sigma693May 31, 2008

My new neighbor was cutting his grass and decided to cut my front yard. I stopped him and said no more or I'll call the police. I forgot why he said he did it - I was just PO'd because it wasn't bagged and was too short. What will the cops do if I have to call them next time? I know this guy smokes pot because I smelled it in my backyard more than once. Thanks.

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I suppose it could be considered trespassing. The pot smoking would be something separate, unless he's smoking while mowing.

Out of curiosity, why are you upset that it wasn't bagged? You're better off leaving the clippings on the lawn, unless you have zoysia. With zoysia, clippings contribute to thatch, but with all other grasses, clippings help reduce thatch.

The clippings reduce the need for water and fertilizer and add organic matter to the soil. Added organic matter helps sandy soil retain water and helps clay soil absorb water, so it's a good thing.

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I can't believe you're lecturing the guy on why clippings are great. Geeze the neighbor mowed his front yard. I would freak out.

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I've got the same problem with my next door neighbor, just not as severe. She knows I like my lawn looking perferct, and I'm nearly 100% sure she does it to bother me. She goes over about 1 foot over and some times more, and mowes my kentucky bluegrass in the front down to 1" from 5", and then she proceeds to mow the back and goes over my mostly perennial ryegrass backyard over a foot down to 1/2" leaving long clippings every where.

I confronted her once and she said that it was difficult for her to see the property line and that she was "trying" not to go over. She obviously does not care to have a nice dark green lawn like I do and probably wants the same for every else arround her...

So far I've decided not to push the issue further because I don't have the time nor do I want to use my good energy for something negative. At the end of the day, the grass will grow back and be dark green again.

Anyone have any ideas how to put a stop on these lawn attacks?

BTW, her and I don't not get alone nor do we say hello to each other. That's the relationship we have.

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I didn't intend it to be a lecture, and I didn't intend it to excuse the neighbor's behavior. I meant it to be a side comment on the benefits of mulching.

My neighbors (both sides) used to mow into my lawn and they mowed much shorter than I, so I considered it a problem. I talked with each of them and explained why I wanted them to stop. Not only did they both stop mowing into my lawn, but one of them said that my explanation sounded like it made sense, so he raised the deck on his mower.

This sounds like a much larger "incursion" than just mowing a few feet past the lot line. I'd still try talking first and calling the police as a last resort.

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auteck, I could not resist wondering if tne word "alone" in the last sentence of your post was a Freudian slip of the pen.

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"Anyone have any ideas how to put a stop on these lawn attacks?"

Yes, why don't you blow her up with some dynamite? Seriously, did any of you ever think that not everyone is so detailed about lawn care so your neighbors might be trying to be nice?

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meleca could just politely thank him, then ask him to refrain from mowing it again. Explain to him that your a lawn fanatic and you prefer to take care of things yourself.

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Same problem here. I can't explain why it ruffles my feathers, but my neighbor's new wife would make wide turns into my front yard while mowing theirs, never lifting the deck (which cut shorter). Not just along the property line, but drive waaaay into my grass. At first I just smiled, shook my finger at her and told her "please to not mow into my yard like that, it makes me have to mow my yard now." That didn't work. So, I would start to walk down there as soon as it occurred (yes, I spend alot of time outside, so I was "spying" ha). Finally, while babysitting their cat, mail, ect. again while they went on a trip, I left a note saying I didn't want any compensation this time, just don't mow into my yard this year! Then put a smiley face. So far, it has worked.

Did it only happen once, tho, sigma693? Perhaps he thought he'd do you a favor. You stated you were too excited and don't remember what his excuse was.

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Now I remember why I love living in Pennsylvania. :-) I am retired and love to work outdoors in my lawn and garden. We have a young couple living next door. He is in his early thirties and is a foreman at local plant and puts in long hard hours. Consequently, when he is home he is not particularly interested in yard work. He had rather spend the time with his four year old daughter.
We both have lawns that are about 1/4 an acre. So when I cut my grass (usually every other day), I cut his as well. Now I admit that I try to observe good techniques (cutting at 3 to 3 1/2 inches and mulching). Quite frankly you can't tell where my yard ends and my neighbor's begins.
This is not entirely selfless, because when I need something done around the house which is too heavy for me to do, this neighbor is more than willing to help. So, we have worked out a very neighborly system.
Oh, and I forgot to mention: I use only organic fertilizers; so, when I fertilize my lawn, I do his as well.
So far, we are both happy with the arrangement. :-)

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The answer to ALL these problems is found in the last line of Robert Frost's poem ... "Mending Wall"

"Good fences make good neighbors"

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

iowa50126, that would be the ONLY way to stop this easily!

my stepdad used to FORCE me and my brother to cut at least 15-20 ft over into any neighboring lot, esp if it had not been cut recently. he said it made our yard look better. i never agreed with this, nor do i now. my neighbor routinely cuts 8-10 ft into my yard, but i don't mind as that saves me having to cut about 3500 sq ft on that side!

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I love reading threads like this. :)

A good way to get the neighbors, that can't "figure out" where the property line is, to stop mowing over is to get some 2-3' tall wooden stakes. Take a couple (or more depending on the length of your property line in that area where they cut over) and drive them into the ground right on the property line. This should keep them out. And if not, go to phase two and get some bailing wire and wrap it around the tops of each stake - almost like a trip wire :), but that's not the intention. It may sound weird, but it's a lot less confrontational than "Get out of my yard or I'll call the cops on you."

I'm a lawn freak and I love my lush green lawn, but, if someone ever said something like that to me, I'd mow into their yard on purpose every time I mowed. Threatening people is just asking for trouble. And whether or not they smoke pot has nothing to do with their lawncare; as someone already stated, that is a separate issue.

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See if he'll share his next bowl of pot with you, the lawn issue won't seem like such a big deal afterwards :-)

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If he likes his "grass" as much as you like yours, he'll probably just lose interest in mowing altogether before long...


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I suspect if you'd ask nicely (OP) the reaction might be better. Threatening to call the cops unless it's happened dozens of times seems a bit much.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I had a similar problem, where my neighbor was mowing way past the property line. I wouldn't mind, but he cuts the grass way too short. I think that he thinks he is doing me a favor by helping me mow...

But his lawn is super short and on 'roids. Where my lawn is long and organic. I have a lot of shade, much more than he does. And it really helps the shady grass to keep it tall...

One day I asked him, very nicely, if he could raise his mower deck as high as possible when on my side of the property line. I explained that I was keeping my grass tall to help the shady areas. After I asked him that, he didn't go past the line anymore. Which really wasn't my intention. But if he is going to mow on my side of line, he ought to mow to my specifications.

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Buzzsaw. I would be very careful with a so called trip wire.

If someone puts a line very low that cannot be seen like black or green fishing line, one could face a lawsuit if a neighbor trips and falls. Add tearing up a weedeater or other yard tools if the line is hard to see.

I paid for a boundary line survey to please a neighbor from hell. I got repaid with a tripwire that I tripped over and busted a knee. If I were into lawsuits they would be broke.

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Your response made my day! Nice to see adults cooperating occasionally!

Capt Tom

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Here's a picture on my lawn and my neighbor's:

To the left is Bluegrass, to the right is PRG with Bermuda and some Fine Fescue.

I think the line is very clear, by the dark border, or by the darker green KBG.

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