life preserver

mmebradyAugust 9, 2010

Here's a life preserver I got from a junk shop. It's in my nautical bed -- a work in progress!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Neat Idea!! I like it. Cheryl

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Marlene Kindred

We need to see a picture of this nautical bed! Mainly because I have several nautical themed things that I would like to incorporate into a garden the life preserver!

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the garden part is in really rough shape right now....this summer was just too hot to do what it needed to have done! I have a paddle I painted, and a ceramic GS fish (I couldn't pass it up!) I'll try to post pix tomorrow.

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What a cute idea! I love the SS Blooms A Lot too! I'd love to see the rest of your nautical "junk" too.

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That was a very lucky find. I love how you painted it. I never see many nautical things around here, could it be because I'm landlocked in the middle of Arkansas, you think? Be sure and show us your progress on your bed.

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I actually didn't paint it, I used red duct tape. I thought it would cover better, and it came out well. I used Sharpie for the lettering, because I wasn't sure how paint would cover. I was happy with how it turned out!

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Looks great.....gotta see pics of more nautical and of the finished bed one day. I never thought of a nautical theme but my imagination is running wild!

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mmebrady...thanks for the duct tape idea...I've recently tried to clean up life preserver that hangs by our pool...cracked, looks a bit moldy...but still serves it purpose (if needed!) I had painted "Welcome to our pool" on it 5 yrs ago or so. Used bleach, 409, etc. & scrub YOU have found a solution for me, too!

I also have a small nautical to see new ideas for these type of froufrou above, I am landlocked also, but in IA! TFS! Jeanne S.

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The duct tape was super easy, and it comes in so many colors now! You might want to use a partner -- my 13 year old DD helped me s -- it was easier to keep it smooth, and see what spots I was missing on the back.

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