Can this be right???

grittymitts(7/8)April 12, 2010

Ready to service our Deere LX280 lawn tractor yesterday & realized I didn't have a new oil filter so went to a very reputable repair shop to buy one. While there I asked mechanic if he had a clue why gas filter kept getting gunk in it. BTW, I heeded advice from here regarding Seafoam stablizer last year. Still, had to change the darn thing

3x's after.

He said I should buy only from a station that sells kind with no ethanol & to use high octane as well. Does this sound right to y'all?

Never dreamed at age 73 I'd have to handle such but DH no longer remembers how to operate compressor & fill our air tank, so...

Thanks bundles 'n heaps,


(Oops -first posted in error @ Garages & Workshops)

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I use gasoline with no alcohol content in our lawn mower and snowblower, successfully. If you can find it, that is best for your small engine equipment. It sounds like you got some old and/or contaminated gas, with a clogged filter like that. But the filter did its job, and apparently the carburetor was protected from contamination, so you did well. Its a lot easier to replace a fuel line filter than it is to clean out a carburetor.

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Good luck finding gasoline with no ethanol in some areas. All the pumps around here say "May contain up to 10% ethanol".
Don't bother asking anyone at the station if it does or doesn't. All you get is shrugs and stupid looks.
I use 89 octane (middle grade) and treat it with Sta-bil with no prolems so far and I do use it from year-to-year.

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If you are forced to use ethanol gas in your area, use the new STA-BIL 'Marine' stabilizer for ethanol fuels. Its blue, not red, and its super-concentrated. I use it in my mowers and road vehicles.

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I apologize for not getting back sooner to say THANKS!

Used gas and additive recommended here and have
had no further problems. Ignorant of so much
re: mechanics but common sense told me surging could
not be good for engine.


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