Noticeable Mulching Difference - Toro Super Recycler versus Recyc

easternupstateApril 8, 2007

For you users of these mowers... is there a noticeable mulching difference between the Toro Super Recycler and the Toro Recycler? If, so how much better?

Wasn't sure of the design of the Super Recycler with the aerodynamic blade design and kickers worked that much better then the Recycler with the notched Atomic blade (which sounds like a Gator blade). Or, if it is just marketing hype.

Again, just trying to look at the mulching ability of these machines. The Super Recycler has some other plus items... a aluminum deck, 5 year morrow warranty. From what I read on this forum... some people have had issues with Toro and/or their Toro dealer on standing behind the warranty.

Looking at the following models in particular.

Toro Super Recycler

- Model 20056

- Model 20057

Toro Recycler

- Model 20047

Thanks in advance for the input.


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I have read many many articles on how people praise the super recycler over the recycler. I can get you the 20043 that are sold out all over. Do some research on this model 5 year guaranteed to start 6hp briggs motor. Eastern up state in Ny you mean. The model is suppose to cut grass like golf course greens. Let me know what you think. Thanks Karl

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Yes, Northeastern Upstate NY... Saratoga Springs area.

The 20043 model must be an older model? It isn't listed on the Toro website under their current models.

How does the 20043 compare to the models on Toro's website?

Website -

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro Homeowner Mowers

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If you didnt find anything on it. There are lots of reviews on it. Go to type toro 20043. It's a very good rated mower. I know lots of people use this model and are still looking to get one. I have one left new never used. Comes with bagger everything. Personal pace system. It's a 2001 model. I live in western NY.

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Super Recyclers are special. They are unique because they create an excellant mulching environment. The kickers that deflect the clippings back down into the blade is a key part of it. It's really cool to see the water tank test film. If you have a thick, lush lawn- this is the one to buy. The S/Rs are better made to which is visably obvious. If you have a thin lawn , you won't notice a differance in QOC.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I was really impressed after trying a s/r on a lush lawn. I could see where I had cut but no clippings were visible.

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I second what Tomplum said and will also add that the SR has grease zerks on the rear wheels. My father owns the Recycler and I own the SR4. He uses the mower on a few lawns a week and has had trouble with the drive system drying up. If you are only using this for your lawn then I wouldn't figure this would be a least not for a few years. With the SR it should never be a problem as long as you grease the wheels once a season.

I went through this same debate last year and am very happy I went with the SR4.

Good luck with your decision :-)

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