Push or Zero Turn? Borderline lawn?

phasesApril 1, 2010

Hey all,

I'm hoping I can get a little advice here. It's time for a new lawnmower and I cannot decide for the life of me what to do. I've narrowed it down to two push mowers (well, one - but debating model with/without key start) and a zero turn or two.

I really, really hate mowing my lawn, I get overheated very easily in general, and feel like I'm going to die every time I mow/weed. I've been using a regular push mower so either one of these options would help but, I'm really lookin' at that zero turn. This particular one because it's the cheapest I can find, and also because it could fit into my shed and into a truck, through gates, etc.

The push mower is from what I can tell and after days of research, the best for me as far as push goes. But it's so expensive, I'm halfway to the zero turn!

But, my yard is also tricky. The front is sloped and the back has obstacles. I can move some stuff, bins and planters, so that shouldn't be the problem. The slopes in the front yard are the concern mostly I think.

Here are pictures of my yard, 3 are the front rest are the back:


Any advice appreciated. Is a zero turn out of the question because of the slopes? Home Depot guys tell me ZTRs are bad with slopes. If so that makes this easy. My neighbor has no problem mowing it with his but he also does this professionally and his ZTR cost 15 grand - and is much bigger. On the same note, are the slopes to great for a self propelled push, and would I be then pushing a 100 lb mower and make matters worse?

Also, if you have any input on these mowers/brands, feel free.

Here are what I'm considering:



Ariens Zoom 34:


..which is here:


And POSSIBLY, if I go with ZTR, one of the http://www.homedepot.com/Outdoors-Lawn-Mowers-Riding-Mowers-Riding-Mowers-Zero-Turn-Mowers/h_d1/N-5yc1vZbbo4Z5yqqc/h_d2/Navigation?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&omni=p_$2000%20-%203000

....so again. I just don't know what to do or whats' best for me. I hate mowing and have a hard time doing it. But at the same time I like the bagging/mulching of the push. The ZTRs I think can do it too, but you have to buy attachments.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks all.

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Just my opinion, I don't own a tractor or zero turn. I used a Toro Super Recycler Personal Pace to cut my 1/2 acre. I have a few hills, handful of obstacles (trees, garden, shrubs). I did not find it bad to cut the lawn that way. However, a job of 60 hrs, college, some medical issues and such has me shopping for a tractor or zero turn as well.

My opinion of your photos (though its hard to tell size) is that if it were me, I'd go with the push mower. Though I also enjoy and don't hate cutting grass. Even with my time and medical issues, from the photos, I personally would not be looking for a tractor or zero turn. Maybe I'm speaking as a non-owner of one though.

Anyway, the models I've considered

John Deere LA115 pricey but versatile. I was very close to pulling the trigger. Was concerned that its too much machine for my need and therefore I was wasting money.

Ariens A20BH42 (Home Depot) I *think* made by Husqvarna. I was very close to pulling the trigger on it. If you do your homework there are internet coupons that at least for now can save you $100-$250 off of it plus a sweeper for example. HD was sold-out online for a while, otherwise I think I would have bought it.

Poulan Pro PB195H42LT like last years model, this years takes away a bit, pricey considering a couple of hundred bucks more gets the LA115. Found a great price on last years model, but it sold out before I could buy, else I would be driving it.

Poulan Pro PB22H46YT great deal on last years model available, but the 46 inch was too big for me. Hemmed and hawed on its oversize for me.

Poulan Pro PB2042YT sure seems like the extact same thing as the Ariens, making me think they are made by the same. They just released the new models on the web site, never saw this one, though I would have considered it.

Ariens Zoom 34 - a lot of comments suggest the 2008 model was much better - support on the deck, aluminum spindles, a few more HP, etc. I could not find an older model. One used one in my area, but it sold already. I bought this one. Time was may major issue, I know people that own it. Comments suggest its a quality machine that is well equipped to save time. In the end, I got it with a mulch kit for the price of the LA115. I feel its better suited for my yard, though the price to me was still difficult to swallow.

Hope this helps in your search and decision!

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Thanks for the reply. :) I got all excited when I found the 250 off your online HD order, then realized it's for the bath department. lol, bummer.

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