I got wood/trellis update

9bark(6 semi-desert)August 6, 2011

Talk about a Sally-Ann score! I acquired this foot and a half tall solid wood carved head for $17! I think he's the new garden guardian.

Now here's an update on my trellis which incidently isn't really being used much as a trellis. I also added this weird cottonwood bark totem I found at a thrift store in town. I'm still not sure if my dwarf spruce are still too close to the trellis and if I should move them out more. What do you think?

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I like your dwarf there...he looks like a 'dwarf' under your beautiful plant growing & that trellis is really doing a good job! (and those little spruce trees are adorable). I don't know about the totem...I think it deserves a spot in a potted plant ...where the carvings show up better.

But that 'garden guardian'...wow! that's an unusual pc & you got it for a steal $$$! Love it among your beautiful Hosta & Coral Bell...& those look so healthy...so many of mine are burnt up this yr...but they'll come back. TFS, 9bark. Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The guardian looks great in your hosta garden. I don't know if the spruces are too close or not. I love love that head planter!

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

I think that all look just fine where they are. Thumbs up on such great finds!!

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Marlene Kindred

Really like your new garden gardian! Very cool looking. I like your trellis garden too...the new additions look good there. The dwarf spruce will be okay there for a little while, but they will eventually get about 5 feet tall or so and about 3 feet wide, so you might want to move them out some more now while they are still so small and easy to move.

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It all looks gorgeous.... I have a blue spruce that was small like yours and now ten yrars later is five foot high and two and a half wide .... it was supposed to stay small so be warned... you have a beautiful setting and you scored on the head he is great!! geeme

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Everything looks wonderful!


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Your guardian head looks like he belongs in your lovely garden with all the stones, driftwood & totem-lovely & more personal touch. I think animals, totems,even stone or concrete figures warm up a garden so much. Love your arbor & adorable little trees so sad they won't stay tiny, all they need are some clear little lights on them. The totem looks like African art, bird man on top of monkey. jan

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Awesome find. Are you going to name your new guardian? He looks like a Woodrow to me.

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LOL...'dwarf spruce' ... NOT the dwarf (gnome) on the right side! Sorry, 9bark! If those little spruce are planted by foundation there, I would move them out further, too...yup, it takes some yrs but they do get bigger...cute little buggers, aren't they!

Your wood guardian reminded me of a pic I took a few weeks ago on the garden walk...I am really enjoying seeing these "heads" in gardens! Once again, awesome find, bargain $$$, too! Here's the one I saw:

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I love heads in the garden too! usually you see them up on pedastals, woulda never thunk to just have them on the ground...such a diff prospective!

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

From the advice given I will move my spruces. I already moved them once but I see they need another foot from the trellis at least.

@Imapirate: I will have to think on a name but Woodrow is a pretty sweet!

@calamity: I haven't thought of putting him up on a pedastal. I could make a rocky platform in the shape of a torso with shoulders or something. Mmm.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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