Argentine vs Pensacola Bahia

gjandtjsmomMay 1, 2011

I'm hoping someone can help me decide between the two.

We are seeding our yard which is very dry. I've read that Argentine is better-looking with less seed heads but may be harder to start from seed. Plus, the purity of the Pennington Argentine seed is only 46%. That makes me hesitant to go with Argentine. I don't want to waste money and time and not have the seeds germinate. But is Pensacola ever used as lawns? Would my lawn look like a pasture?

We just want a decent looking lawn that can survive the Florida heat with out costing us a fortune in water.

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Plant anything but Bahia grass. That is the worst choice of grass one can possibly make. It is super tough and hard to mow (has to be mowed over several times to look good) and the clippings never go away. It grows fast and puts up 10" tall seed heads. If you have cows, horses, or sheep then yea, go ahead.

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"the purity of the Pennington Argentine seed is only 46%"

because it is coated with antifungal "Penkoted"

more info:

A 5lb bucked costs the same but has half as much seed the other half is the coating.

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