lawn boy model#4262

kevbocometh(7)April 18, 2013

i just craigs' listed one of these and it looks great! however it doesnt start i just completed cleaning and inspecting the: carb and float. cables and hoses, moving parts. the only problem i can find is a hard primer bulb. i filled the cleaned carb w starter fluid, pulled the cord and literally nothing happened...very quiet. could it be electrical/compression? this mower looks like it was taken care of very well...but? i also cant find the manual online for this thing! if anybody out there knows anything about this big green dog please let me know...its too beautiful to die:( im going to run it in my driveway and make the neighbors think i got a harley...2 strokes rule.

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Sounds like ignition. Check that ignition switch is working and verify spark.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master parts viewer

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Don't use starter fluid - no oil in it. It might need a coil. There are too many things it could be to list, but aside from the coil, cylinder compression could be an issue on an old one like that as well as crankcase compression. They are self-supercharging (for lack of a better term) and the crankcase has seals at the crank bearings. Then there is the reed valve which is a flat spring - if it's broken or worn out it can't hold pressure.
Remove the spark plug and replace if it's gunked-up with carbon. Then put a little 2-cycle mix in the spark plug hole, install the plug and see if it fires. If not, it may need a coil. Just something to try.

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First and foremost-THANK YOU! I'm so impressed by your responses and i really appreciate u taking the time.
2nd- i dont have a spark, my only question about it is (mike72) if i have an ignition switch...i cant find it. there was zero arching when i put plug near engine housing so i replaced the plug and same result. then i got brave and just held it in my spark. i still think there may be a compression problem but i would like to address getting a spark first. any advice? i have read the vast majority of the paperwork mike72 provided me and am still a little confused as to the order i should go in. as always, any help appreciated. thank you.

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Your model has the switch incorporated into the flywheel brake and uses CD 683215 which is open to run. Disconnect the switch wire from the CD unit and then check for spark. If you get a spark the switch is bad or out of adjustment. If you still don't get a spark the CD unit is probably bad,

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i gave this mower to a guy around the corner. failure...oh miserable failure, but thanks to everyone for their help, it is, as always...appreciated greatly.

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