craftsman riding mower

leadmechApril 3, 2014

I have a craftsman LT 1000 mower with 18 hp B&S model 917.274400 with problems. It starts right up and after running for about 6 minutes it start to spit and sputter like its running out of gas. the funny thing is I can turn the ignition switch to off and back on it clears up for about 2 minutes and does it again. I rebuilt carb 4 times, change all filters and hoses and the soilinoid on the carb bowl Can any body help me

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The most common things that come to mind are 1)the vent hole in the fuel cap is plugged 2) the fuel filter is the wrong type (either the red or white disc filters seem to be fine on these). In your case , possibly the switch is worn and intermittently keeping the solenoid on the carb open or switching it off.

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I assume you turned the switch off and back on in a matter of a second. One idea is to disconnect the magneto shut off wire and start the engine. See if the engine will continue to run.

The results of this test will help you determine the next action.

Make sure you have a plan to turn the engine off.

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Yeah, try running it with the gas cap off and if the problem goes away clean out the vent hole in the gas cap.

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