Fastest Mower with Good Value for .25 acre

kswartwout(IL)April 18, 2013


Would the experts here kindly give me some recommendations on the type of lawn mower I should be looking for? We just moved to the burbs and have probably .25 acre lawn. It's flat, we're in the Chicago area. My husband is 35 years old and really strong and likes to exercise. He wants to do the mowing, but wants it to be as quick as possible. What type of machine should we be looking at and about what budget should we have? Riding lawn mower? 42" cutter? Looks like those are about $1500. Or a self propelled? The wider cutters on the self propelled seem to be quite expensive, like around $3,000. How wide of a cutter do you think we need, and is self propelled a lot faster than riding?

Thank you for your help!!

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Considering that your property contains a house and maybe a driveway, you would probably do well with a self-propelled mower. Plus, you don't have to store a riding mower somewhere.

Good value and speed don't go hand in hand. You need something with 6 horsepower and of good quality, if you want speed. Forget about the $300 mower unless you want to replace it every year or two.

Look for the higher quality Toro or Snapper and it will still be around in 15 years.

Self propelled is not faster than riding because a rider's legs don't get tired. And a rider has alot more horsepower.

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thanks for the response. just to clarify, the lawn itself is 1/4 acre. The total lot is 3/4 acre, but I've taken account of our driveway, non-lawn areas, and house.

Does that change your recommendation?

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My son-in-law has a ZTR for the same size lot. He hates mowing and wants to be done in 5 minutes. Of course, he has to store the monster and maintain it.

I would still use a pushmower for a yard your size, unless you really want to speed things up.

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"LIkes to excerise". Nothing like pushing a push mower for good workout. self-propelled are for wimps. Go look at push mowers, push them around and pick the one he likes.
Also single blade push mowers offer the best cut for well mancured lawn. Should take less than hour for young healthy man to mow that and get good work out.

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The ideal lawnmower for your situation I think would be a 22" Toro with Personal Pace - you can't outrun it. Besides, many factors determine how fast the mower should go over the lawn, and none of them ever indicate a speed faster than a brisk walk. How fast the operator wants to go is of no importance to the process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro 20332

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