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jlbdtmApril 28, 2012

We are in the market for a new self-propelled lawn mower and are interested in a Toro because we have found many dealers in the area for service and feel it has consistent reviews on being a solid, cost-effective choice.

We like the idea of the stop spin blade feature. Does anyone have experience with this?

The models we are between are:

Super Recycler 20381 (no stop blade) $520

Super Recycler 20383 (stop blade) $600

Recycler 20373 (stop blade) $409 *no dealers in our area seem to carry this one, seems most comparable to the HD model below but with the OHV engine vs. the B & S

Recycler 20333 (stop blade) $400 from Home Depot

The biggest differences I see between the models are the steel vs. aluminum deck, the warranty and the engine type.

Is it worth the $200 to opt for the Super Recycler with the stop blade vs. the HD model?

Our lawn is 1/3 acre and does have some significant sloping.


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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

The "stop blade" has been around for a time, hopefully the bugs have been worked out.
IMO, it is not worth the extra money.
IMO, its a PITA - I have "fixed" my mower so that its runs when I want it to, not when the safety-nazis want it to.
IMO, the aluminum deck is not worth the $$$$, the steel seems to be just fine.
Mine is a LawnBoy (same company), it needs more power..
Go for the most powerful option (greatest torque).
Buy privately or thru a dealer which I think is better than Lowes or HD.
I do believe that you will luv the personal pace.

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I just replaced my 1995 Super Recycler with the Toro Super Bagger (20197). To me, the name is more of a marketing gimmick, as it mows and mulches just fine. I bought it because of it's high dome deck, Honda motor, 5 year warranty, blade stop and my local dealer gave me a bit of a price break. I mow about 1/2 an acre and have young kids, so I am constantly pausing to move junk out of the way, so the blade stop feature is nice. I have been very impressed with the mower. It mulches great, starts easily, has plenty of power, and the personal pace works well. Reviews for this mower are very positive. I view this one as a bit of a sleeper, overshadowed by the Super Recycler.

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The blade brake feature is not worth the money and is a repair waiting to happen. The engines used by Toro are easy to start and really negate the value of a blade brake unless you find it difficult to pull the rope. If you can afford it the Super Recycler will be more durable.

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All my Toro SPs, the BBC worked fine. The newest is about 20 yrs old. Newer Toro who knows? The engine noise changes when the blade engages. The BBC on my Lawnboy ( green Toro) Personal Pace works OK too. I get my mowers free or I dont get them. The Toro and the 2 Lawnboys will prolly last me some time. All I ever do to the 2 stroke LB is clean the air filters and sharpen the blade. The 4 stroke OHV Suzuki on the Toro
just gets an oil change and the air filter cleaned I found all 3 on Craigslist free stuff. Just a few bolts were needed to get them running. The 2 stroke didn't need a thing. I even have the bags.

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The newer Toro BBC is much more compact that the originals back in the 80's and 90's. They work well and in my opinion the SRs (with the aluminum deck) is a much better mower to be behind than the tin lizzys.

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