Milgronite on lawn seeded 2010

valtorrez(6b)May 31, 2011

I overseeded/seeded my lawn last fall with KBJ/TTFescus. This year I put down Milgronite on Mother's Day. It has been raining like crazy here. Do you think that is enough fertilizer for new grass? I was thinking about putting some more down in a week or is this overdoing it?

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How much Milorganite did you apply on Mothers Day, and how much area did you apply it on?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You cannot over apply Milorganite. One of the gurus on another forum has an Elite KBG lawn. He has used more than 1,000 pounds of organic fertilizer per 1,000 square feet over the course of a season. Much of what he uses is Milorganite. In order to apply that much you have to do it nearly every week. He has the lawn of the month, every month of the year, as far as I'm concerned.

If you are worried that the rain has washed it away, I would not worry. The Milorganite is not a traditional fertilizer that needs to be watered in. It is food for the soil microbes which will eat it all eventually. As long as it did not float away, you're good to go until Labor Day if you want to wait.

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Thank you all. I applied the amount suggested on lable. I have a Scott spreader so I looked at their settings and adjusted accordingly. I've read on this forum that new grass needs to be fed constantly- that is why I was wondering if I should do it again. I think I am going to put some more down in 2 weeks just to be on safe side.

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Waiting 2 more weeks is a good idea.

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