Murray 10/30 Ride-on mower - unable to fi motion driver belt

shayreApril 21, 2014

I have an older, front engine model Murray 10/30 ride-on mower. Yesterday, the motion driver belt snapped and on purchasing a new belt, I have been unable to fit it around the pulleys (of which there are 4). It is either too short or remains too loose depending on which way it is installed. I have been searching high and low for a diagram of this to help understand however everything I am looking at on the web seems to point to the rear-engine 10/30 which is different and I can't leverage any value from these (example link

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In Murray terminology, the motion drive belt is the belt that goes from the engine to transmission. Deck belts would typically travel from the rear of one spindle to the rear of the other spindle and the tensioner would pull into the back of the belt as it traveled to the front pulley. If you would like more specifics, please post the actual model number off the tag.

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You are showing a photo of your deck and not what Murry calls their "motion driver" which is the belt that goes from the engine to the transaxle/transmission.

The deck belt should be 1/2" wide x 86-3/8" long.

May be one of the following part numbers.

037X62, 037X62A, 037X62MA, 037X62WMA, 37X62, 710209, 037X62MA, 37X62

The photo I modified for you is rather sloppy. So I will explain it.

Belt over the engine pulley
Back to the outside groove on the left blade pulley. (left side as you sit on the machine).
Over to the Right blade pulley and around the outside.

At this time the belt should have the V shape facing the pulleys.

Next the Flat part of the belt over the Idler pulley and back to the engine.

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