Help...Snapper belt jumps off drive shaft pulley

HoghappyApril 16, 2013

I have a 2 year old self propelled walk behind 21" steel deck HIVAC.

Model # P2167520B

I replaced the drive belt 3 lawn mowings ago with a OEM replacement 'stretch" belt hoping that would solve the hasn't. It's acting like it gets heated up and stretches and pops off the drive pulley....always up onto the shaft. A PITA to keep putting back on in the middle of a yard cutting.

Can the engine shaft pulley be moved up the drive shaft up little to get better alignment with the driven disc?

How would I do that? Knock out the key, loosen set screw and move it?

There is no way to adjust the belt that I can see....this may be my only hope...thanks

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Is the idler pulley keeping tension on the belt? There is also a bent wire belt guide there to adjust too. The idler pulley shaft rotates under the drive disc. Does it move freely?

There is no harm in moving your drive pulley to align with another pulley if there is no interference. Loosen the set screw and move it.

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I seen the drive pulleys installed inverted before as well.

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