What kind of grass is this?

BarnAnimals(7)May 8, 2012

Tall Fescue has been overtaken. Whatever this new grass is, in some places it is brighter green, in some places it is yellow. There are several shades of it throughout. Some areas it is widespread 10ft x 10ft irregular patches, and some places its just a 3 inch clump. It grows faster than the fescue. It has stalks like a coffee straw. I had two small patches of crabgrass and this looks completely different so that is why I find myself asking here. The lawn is a swirl of fescue and this stuff as you can see in the full picture.

I have not fertilized this year. I have not used weed control, except for spot spraying obvious weeds. I only get a few weeds here and there. I used Dimension 0-0-7 .21% around March 1st and April 15th.

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Hey do we have the same problem? I just posted also. Here is a reference just in case someone answers it there:

http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/lawns/msg0519451414674.html. Good luck..

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I do not know. Yours looks much more fine than mine and it looks like the pictures of POA posted here. Mine is thicker and more course, and it grows/looks like orchard grass, but the coloring is odd. Hopefully some experts will chime in.

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See Mok57's post. It's likely you have the same thing.

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Yellow nutsedge?

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