B&S 6.5 Idle too low

denis_lawnApril 5, 2010

Hi, My B&S 6.5 OHV on my Scott's by John Deere mower seem to idle to low. I just did a carburator cleanup(change gasket, needle and needle seat), unplug all the little hole and scrape the varnish. It start good and stay running but seem not to turn fast enought. Is there an idle scew I can ajust or is it the spring with the 1cm gap that should be check, adjust, replace? Thanks.

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If the high speed seems too low, bend the forward tang that the governor spring is attached to out until the needle on your tach reads 3150.

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I just read that I should adjuste the main jet on my carburator to 1 or 1 1/2 turn counterclock wise. I just rebuild it and turn the screw(main jet under the bowl) all the way. Is that the problem.

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That's way odd that you would have an adjustable main jet. Isn't what you have just a bowl nut? On carbs that do have a main adjusting screw - how would you know how many turns it was out if it wasn't turned in first?

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On the B&S site they say turn it all the way until it touch the bowl, then turn it counterclock wise 1 or 1 1/2 turn. That's for the bowl nut with jet inside. Then they say if theres and idle screw(with spring) to do the same thing. Mine dosen't have an idle scew. One post say to turn the bowl nut until gas stop leaking, not all the way.

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