John Deere lx176 Very hard to steer

Jim1544April 23, 2014

Just got a new to me John Deer lx176 mower an it is like steering a tank. The steering is so tight my wife can not even turn the wheel.
I have greased both ball joints with no luck.
any assistance with this would be great appreciated.

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They get tight in the front axle where the wheel spindles go through. Classic if not greased as they should be before you got it. Also, look from the side and see if the axle is perpendicular to the ground. Sometimes the center of the axle develops a problem and they tilt. Should you need parts, you need to compare what style yours has as there are different types on the LX .

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And to add.

Start at the steering wheel and follow the shaft down. Lube any bushing that the steering shaft passes through. Spray type NAPA Chain & Cable lube is good to use.

Once you follow the shaft to the end. You should see something like this called a Pitman Arm . May be located under the frame or just on top of it behind the engine.

The steering shaft has a toothed gear (cog) that meshes with the Pitman arm. Grease both of them were they mesh. And any bushing that their shafts pass through.

A lot of people do not lube these parts as part of their maintenance routine. And it shows on machines that are ten or twenty years old.

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IF it was me I would first Isolate the problem. remove the control arm from the front wheels, Jack the front up so the wheels are off the ground.

Now you can see if it is the front end axle spindles or the parts Hippy is talking about. My guess is also inline with hippy's, probably the pitman arm where it goes through the frame. With the front end jacked up and disconnected you should be able to figure out which end binding.

Utilizing the IPB for the XL176 when you find the binding part you can disassemble polish the baring surfaces, lubricate, and install. This should correct any binding problems.

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