Weed Wackers

wildmanluke424April 17, 2006

Does anyone know of a really good weedwacker cause i have no luck with my stihl!! but am looking for a light weight one cause i mow and trim a cemetery.



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splicer(SW Ohio)

My Ryobi has withstood several years of abuse and I recommend them. The 2 cycle not the 4 cycle...

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I also use a 2-cycle Ryobi I picked up at a pawn shop. Its on its second season without a single issue. Even sat all winter in the shed out back with full tank of gas in it and fired right up this spring just like I had used it the day before. If you do a cemetary I would look into higher end or commercial models that are made to withstand a little more use.

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I like Echo or Shindaiwa stright shaft timmers, I have both. You can get Echo at Home Depot, however I like to buy from Mom and Pop dealers becuase they have parts, service and GOOD advice. I use Mobil One Racing 2T oil in everything but both Echo and Shindaiwa oil is good too. Both of these brands are used by the professionals around here.

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I have seen alot of good reviews for the Echo SRM-210. I don't own one of their trimmers, but I have an Echo blower/vac that I have been pleased with. The SRM-210 is about $200.

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I bought the Echo mentioned above after rave reviews here and elsewhere. I fired it up last weekend, and can't believe the power. Of course, my only previous experience is with an electric trimmer.

I haven't even mown the lawn yet to do a "full" trim, but I was grinning ear to ear the little that I used it. (I couldn't stand to watch it just sitting in the garage any more)

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canguy(British Columbia)

What model Stihl do you have and what issues are you having with it? They are among the best available.

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Is there a weed wacker that does not have to have the string that does the cutting replaced?

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I have heard that Stihl does not make their power heads for their string trimmers. While I like their Professional chain saws I do not use their string trimmers, perferring to stay with what the pro's use in this area: Shindaiwa, and Echo. Both these power heads are rated 300 hours the highest in the industry. Stick with the independant shops and away from the big boxes and you will be glad you did if you ever need parts or service. Around here Echo's are no cheeper at Home Depot than at a dealers. Mobil one Racing 2 T oil is hard to find but it is worth your time to find some, there is no finer oil in the world for your high reving two-cycle.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Stihl does manufacture their own engines. They did have some low end trimmers such as the FS36 that were outsourced but those are now (thankfully) gone.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

What's so bad about the Sthil FS36? Mine has been in use since 1993 with no problems.

Of course it is residential use with just plain ole Lawnboy fuel/oil mix.

Great trimmer in my opinion.

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I just bought an Echo SRM210 this season to replace a cheapo Craftsman that destroyed itself internally. I had the dealer install the i starting option on it due to my wife not liking the Craftsman due to it starting so hard.

I do not have a big yard, standard city lot, but my back yard has a good size hill that my old cheapo Craftsman could not handle very well.

I am 6'4" tall and this unit has been more stable for me to handle than the curved shaft Craftsman which i had to bend over to use.

The Echo also handles the .095 cutting line where my Craftsman had .065 when I bought it but even with the .080, which was the biggest it would handle, the line would get eaten up on my hill. Not so with the .095 with the Echo and the unit has extra power to boot.

Even though this unit is $210 with the i option, it was worth it with the options and the build quality of it. I also checked out what the big law mowing outfits used around here and it was the Echo models.

I would talk to a dealer since most will have test units that you can borrow. My dealer had the unit all together, gased up along with two bottles of 2.6oz Echo two stroke oil and filled out the registration.

This weed whacker is awesome and I think you would too.

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canguy(British Columbia)

indy452, a lot of people have had good service from the FS36 but as with all inverted trimmers, they are a pain to work on.The current crop of engines are quite reliable and more service friendly.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

canguy, I see you're point. The newer ones have most of the engines exposed while the FS36 is enclosed in a "shell".

I wasn't getting feisty, I just have to stick up for the brands that have served me well for years.


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While not trying to derail Wildman's thread, maybe y'all can help me with my Stihl FS36...it won't automatically feed anymore. I bought a new spool and spring, but it will not feed without my turning it off and pressing the feed button and pulling out the string with my hands. Any ideas?

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canguy(British Columbia)

The lugs in the hub may be worn out.

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I have had the Fs36 for about 7+ years. Only problem I had was the switch went bad and would not shut off, it was fixed under warranty. First clean inside the head area with a toothbrush and some good cleaner and dry it out. I always had trouble with the line made by Stihl (green color) it would weld itself together in the head.I switched to a cheap Arnold brand from Lowes I think and it works fine. You have to look at the spool carefully and it shows how to insert the line properly it has a tiny diagram on it. Load it up keeping tension on the line, lock the line into the spool slots and load the spool and tighten the bump knob.
Then give a good tug on both lines at the same time to free them and your done. Somewhere buried on stihls website is how to do this, mine came with no instructions on loading the line at all!

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