CPTKMay 17, 2014

Has anyone seen a scientific study that supports the claim that rhizomatous tall fescue is actually rhizomatous? I've seen more than one online blogger claim that it does not spread--at all. One did a test in which he made three 1 sq ft plots--one was KBG, one was RTF, and one was regular TTF. He used a coffee can and roundup to make a hole in each plot. After one season the KBG had completely filled in the hole. The RTF and TTF had not filled in the hole at all. The RTF behaved no different from the TTF.

It was a very convincing experiment. On the other hand, though, some very reputable organizations--like Universities--are behinds these claims.

I went to a local garden center and the only RTF they had was mixed with KBG, which seems rather convenient to me.

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Where are you located? Zip code works best.

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1. My zip code is in the original message.

2. My zip code is irrelevant to the question. Anyway, I did some more research myself, and the general consensus out there, both from scientific studies and personal experimentation, is that RTF is a sham.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Location is almost never irrelevant to lawn questions. You might think it was in this case, but I suspect auteck had another angle he was thinking.

Thanks for doing the extra research. I've just now heard of the RTF fescues, so it's good to know what they are and are not.

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Yes, I find the issue of RTF very interesting because I actually found a scientific study that concluded that RTF does not form rhizomes anymore than regular TTTF. (I also learned from reading that study that TTTF actually does produce some short rhizomes in very small numbers.) The blogger's experiment was also very well done and showed no spread from the RTF. Yet the claims persist in full force.

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