darkest green grass in all sun

uhMaginAyeShunMay 13, 2014

Hey everyone, I have done some searching on the web and here on the forum but haven't found results that line up with my needs, actually I have found more variables to my question rather than answers.
I am looking for the darkest green grass seed I can get. I live in the Midwest and my space in need of seeding has direct sunlight all day, less there are clouds.
I want to seed soon so it can grow this summer, especially before the heat arrives.
Some people here have asked similar questions but are in different parts of the country so hopefully more experienced people can help me out! Many thanks.

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Adding: I have been looking into the Smith Seed Hudson and The Rebels Tall Fescue.
I want dark so as to stand out. Anyone have experience with these?
Also some people say the Fescue is better in cooler climates while Rebels site says Northern IL is still in the good-to-plant zone...

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

I bought the Hogan Blend tall fescue from the Hogan company in Tennessee last year for a lawn renovation. Excellent stuff so far and outside of the shipping costs it's in line with the best stuff at Lowes or Home Depot, only better quality. So far mine is very dark green and really stands out as you drive down my road.

That being said, now is not the time to put out fescue as it is guaranteed to fail. It will come up just fine however it will die in the heat of summer and you'll be left with a lawn full of weeds. In your area early September should be the time to put out seed. Spend the next few months doing research and getting the soil ready to support new grass. You'll be much happier this time next year.

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Agreed, I wouldn't be putting a fescue in now. I was hoping to find something I can still seed this spring so I can start the lawn this summer rather than have brown and patchy again.

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