Thank You for all the advice on Bermuda

1toms(NE Atlanta)May 28, 2012

Thanks to texas-weed, dchall , okc dan, and many others for the Bermuda Bible and your advice and questions concerning bermuda grass. I used to cut my bermuda grass at atleast 2 -3 inches hi , thinking it was the only way to keep it green and healthy.

This year I came upon this forum and read all I could on the subject. This year I dug out by hand any crabgrass I could find and started cutting as low as I could with my rotary ( which is about 1.75". ) I began cutting every other day and following the BB as close as possible for watering and fertilizing. I can't tell you how impressed I am and it's only the end of May. The lawn is getting thicker and thicker and staying green even at a height that I could never maintain previously. So now I am beginning to work on leveling areas a little and I have just acquired a push reel mower this weekend. I also found some fertilizer that is natural based to use through out the summer. Thanks for all the information ! and here are some pictures of my progress which don't even do justice to how well it looks in person, thanks again for the expert advice !!

Here is a strip near the street

And here is how well it has filled in so far

Here is an area that was hacked up pretty good after removing crabgrass and it gets some shade from a tree that is coming down next week

It's getting much better already

Here are some that look great so far and the picture doesn't really show how thick it is

and just for fun

I still need alot of leveling, and can't wait to get a couple weeks of using the reel mower, but I am blown away so far !

Just like you guys said, the bermuda is getting thicker, growing vertically, and crowding out the few weeds that I didn't get by hand, and most importantly, even at lower height than I ever dared to go, it is greener.

For reference, I am northeast of Atlanta and pretty sure the builder put the 419 sod that has been mentioned here is common for the area builders to use. In some areas a few years ago , I did find some Princess seed and threw it down and think there are a few areas that it has taken. The blades are a bit thicker/coarser than the majority of the yard( does that sound right ?) or could it be something more like a common bermuda in those areas ?

Anyway thanks for all the advice on this forum ! Have a good summer all !

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If texas-weed wanted to illustrate the Bermuda Bible, I can't think of a better set of photos. Thank you so much for your trust, your efforts, and for sending the before and after pictures.

Have you searched this forum for the messages about leveling?

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1toms(NE Atlanta)


I enjoy all the posts with pics, you can learn something even if you are not looking for that particular info , so I thought I would add a few also, plus I am lovin watchin the grass grow here !

Yes I have been reading all the leveling posts I can find here,
I have a lot of work to do still, but thanks to all your help , I have a good plan

Thanks again

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Ok, the bermuda looks much better, but attend to the details as well. Edge that curbing!!! Lol.

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1toms(NE Atlanta)

near and west

already done, thanks - and I am sure everyone noticed the flower bed edging border bricks that are falling apart - my next project this year will be to replace / upgrade all that edging border and redo the bed. It never ends , but I love it

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Part of my job is to pay attention to the details; if I don't, you can bet that our members and guests will! I am expected to provide perfection every day without fail.

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I also found some fertilizer that is natural based to use through out the summer.

First thanks for the Kuddos and Warm Fuzzy. Caution, what is this fertilizer name and brand?

The reason I caution you is Bermuda is a nitrogen hog and very few if any organic or natural fertilizers can keep up with the demand.

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1toms(NE Atlanta)

Here is what I found near me:

E.B.Stone Nature's Green Lawn Food
listed as 10-1-4 with 1.3% Humic Acid derived from Leonardite
- 10 % water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen
Derived from Feather Meal, Blood Meal,Bone Meal,and Sulfate of Potash
1% - available phosphate
4% Soluble Potash - K2O

I also found
RINGER 0% phosphate 10-0-6
1.9% Nitrate Nitrogen
.5% Other water soluble Nitrogen
7.6% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash 6%
Derived from hydrolyzed poultry feather meal,nitrate of soda,potassium sulfate, and soybean meal.

I was hoping to find something like what I saw okc dan had ( Hi Pro soybean meal) he posted a picture.

This got me started looking for something like it and this is the what I have found so far.

If you think it is no good just say so and I will keep looking. To date it is the only thing I can get my hands on other than big box store stuff, and I know I don't need the potash , but it is all I could find locally so far.

I am all ears if you have suggestions

Thanks for responding and I appreciate any input !

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1toms(NE Atlanta)


the front lawn pictured is just under 1000 sq.ft for reference,


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Nature's Green
Hydrolyzed feathers are better than simple chopped feathers. The hydrolysis process for feathers (protein) is like digestion. Otherwise feathers take forever to get any nitrogen out of. Then you have blood meal. If blood meal was easier to work with it would be a lot more popular. It is very high in protein (nitrogen) but it acts so fast it can burn roots. In this case it is mixed with the feathers, so that is a good combination.

This one has the hydrolyzed feathers. Then you have sodium nitrate (a chemical) and potassium sulfate (a chemical). Finally you have soybean meal. The last ingredient should be the first and the chemicals should be highlighted so the buyer knows what he is getting is not purely organic.

If you want to try organics on your lawn, stick with soybean meal. For your small area you can afford it. Texas-weed will tell you it is hard to keep up with the nitrogen needs with organics. He should know. Still I would encourage you give it a try. Others have written in to say they were happy with organics on bermuda.

If you start with soybean meal, know this: it has a very strong sour odor if you use too much. I would suggest easing into it. Start with 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet. You might even start with 5. Let that seed the soil microbes with a promise of what is to come. Until your soil has all the right microbes in place at the right population level, the soy will not decompose cleanly. Start small and work your way up to 20 pounds per 1,000. Give it at least 3 weeks between applications to let it work. You'll notice the aroma regardless of how little you use. But if you used a full 20 pounds or more, it would linger for weeks. With 5 it should go away soon. Next time you apply you can go up in dose by 5 pounds.

Did you find a recent message from okc dan? I thought he left this forum years ago. You can find straight soybean meal at many feed stores. You have several near you no matter where you live.

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1toms(NE Atlanta)

Thanks for all that additional input-
I still haven't found exactly the soybean like you and okc mentioned , these 2 are what I could find so far.
I am still looking - If anyone here knows a place within striking distance of northeast of Atlanta - I just haven't found it yet.

Till then I thought I would at least try these rather than scotts - I can't easily find the Lesco that texas weed mentions in his posts with straight nitrogen.

thank you I do appreciate the help,

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