Clover lawns

City_rollerMay 19, 2014

We're looking to replace our lawn. The best option I have uncovered in an afternoon of searching is a clover lawn. What should I consider if I replace our grass lawn with clover?
I have read that clover will crowd out other plants, i.e. weeds, draws nitrogen from the air, thus not needing fertilizer, attracts bees(we want to bring the bees), doesn't need a lot of water, and other benefits. Somewhere, I read a dissenting opinion that it will not survive drought/dryness. Anyone have any experience with a clover lawn?

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

I think the idea that the plant draws nitrogen out of the air might be misleading, our air is about 75% nitrogen. It can be said that humans draw nitrogen out of the air.

The problem with a clover lawn is that when you do get weeds such as other broad leafs, there is nothing you can use to kill the weeds that will not kill the clover. This is where lawns come in as a better cover, there are many herbicides that will not hurt a lawn but get the weeds.

Why not round up a 1000' sq area of your lawn, separate it from your lawn with timbers and plant clover as a testing area. Make sure you like it and can maintain it.

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steilberg(6 lou,KY)

I started the process last year and have several areas of micro clover. ....weeds have come up but we are mowing the clover very close. ...I don't think weeds stand a chance

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