mclane front throw

rob31April 28, 2014

i was cutting the grass yesterday and i went over a something and now my blade hits the lower cutting surface and it makes a clanking noise anyone have any idea of what went wrong and how can i fix it the mower is about 6 months old?

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Tilt the mower back so that you can exam the Bedknife.
Rotate the reel slowly by hand and see if it hits the knife. If all of the blades hits the knife. Readjust the knife.

It it only hits in one area of a blade. Check the blade for damage.

The bedknife looks like #71 in the photo and is located on the bottom of the mowers frame. This is not a drawing of your mower. Most reel mowers use the same basic design and the photo is just to show what part to check closely.

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only one blade hits but the blade looks good doesnt have any cracks or bends, the blade knife loos good to no damage to it,

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I looked at it again and i have about 5 blades rubbing on the blade knife any suggestions on how to fix machine is only about 7 months old.

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The Manual should have a section on how to adjust the Bedknife and at what clearance it should be set at.

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