Lion weeds out of control

taxtaxMay 25, 2011

Last year I really tried to dig out as much of the lions as possible. It seemed a task that just never ended.

This year things are just out of control. If I did not see it I wouldn't believe it. I will cut the grass, and within 24-HOURS the lions have already grown 12 inches! Not just that, but the seeds have turned from yellow to white over-night ontop of this.

How is this even possible? I never saw such a thing growing up in the country. At this point, it is hopeless trying to de-weed since you can't even stop them from sprouting.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

Ill add one thing. When you dig, you turn the soil, you cover weed seeds and get more weeds to grow. When ever I dig and finish, I spray the dug area with peremergent.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What is lion weed? Do you mean dandelions?

The solution for dandelions is proper lawn maintenance.
What kind of grass do you have?
Where do you live? Need a town preferably.
How are you watering (how long and how often)?
How high/low do you mow?
How often do you fertilize and with what?

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@dchall: That was my question. I've never heard of lion weed. I just assumed it was dandelion.

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