nor a mower but a B&S motor. . .

babera(5a (Montana))April 19, 2014

I hope I can get some answers here. . . I added oil to my Troy-Bilt pressure washer, I way over filled it. (I added almost the entire qt :( as I was using it, it started making weird noises but nothing serious. . . for about 3 mins after adding the oil. . . all of the sudden it blew a big puff of black smoke came out and it stopped running. Oil was leaking out. . . BLACK oil. . . so I found the plug and drained it, but there wasn't much oil to come out. . . about 1/2" in a red solo cup. . . after a bit I pulled the rope just to see what it would do. . . the rope is seized up. . .

Did I ruin it. . ? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? My hubby is home now and he's pretty mechanically inclined so he can probably fix it. . . (he'll probably feel offended that I even tried to get on-line help. . .

Thank in advance for your help. . . and yes I deserve an A$$ chewing. . . go ahead. . .

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here are the initial steps:
1. place the shut off control in the off position.
2. remove the sparkplug lead and position away from the sparkplug.
3. remove the sparkplug.
4. all that oil is somewhere in the engine, so continue to drain oil from the drain.
5. slowly pull the rope to see if the engine crankshaft will turn. Oil may come out of the sparkplug hole.

do not attempt to start the engine until all this excess oil is cleaned up. chances are the excess oil found a way into the combustion chamber. Some of the oil may have gotten into the muffler or the carburetor and you may need help to figure this out

Problems like this can usually be corrected, but if the 1 quart of oil was added to oil that was already in the crankcase, you may have caused permanent damage.

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babera(5a (Montana))

Thanks Bluemower. . .Thanks for the helpful advice. I'm pretty sure there may have been oil in the crankcase. . . there was enough to show a smidge on the dip stick. . . but there wasn't enough to start it so I'm not sure there. I guess we will find out when hubby gets into it. . . I'm just sick over the whole thing. . . .thanks again. . .

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