Craftsman lawn tractor wont start when hot

keithb61April 18, 2010

I have a 20.5 craftsman lawn tractor model #917.270951 engine #461707 type 0145-e1. The problem is that the mower starts just fine when cold, but once i run it for a while and the engine gets hot and I shut it off, it wont start again until the engine cools off. Once it does cool off, it starts and runs just fine. When its too hot to start, I can jump it and get it to start that way. Battery and plugs are new. Fuel system seems to be working fine also. I am thinking solenoid or magneto. Any ideas?


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I'm thinking a mouse nest under the engine shrouding. Those meece just love to build their nests in there, and they even have an area to use as their toilet! If that has happened, the cooling air can not get down around and through the cooling fins on the cylinder and block, which then causes excessive heat build-up inside the engine, and that causes the engine to bind up, and cause more heat. Left go too long, and you'll be looking for an engine!
Brfore buying a new magneto, or carburetor--check under the engine shrouds. Might get a surprise! I opened one up and found mother mouse in the last throes of child-birth! She and her kids didn't live long enough to become a problem!! "STOMP!"
And, next fall, when you put it in storage, stuff a couple clothes dryer sheets in around the engine shrouds! Mice hate the smell, women love it!

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