Craftman PYT9000 problems

Rodman74April 13, 2014

First I need a wiring diagram for this machine, and I have PTO clutch that will not engage after throwing the blades engage belt, what happen and how to fix it, thanks in advance

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Look up the Sears number from under the seat.
Probably something like 247 or 917.xxxxxx.

Go to and enter said number.
Post said number may give someone on the forums the info needed to see what a PYT9000 is and possibly offer advice.

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It you threw a belt. You may have pulled the wire/s loose from the PTO clutch or pinched one between the pulley and belt cutting it putting it back on.

I marked the hot wire in red and the ground in yellow as a place to start looking at.

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Bill, the model # is 247-28880, hippy, the wires on clutch are OK.

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I can't find a schematic, but have a service manual for a slightly newer version- 247.889xx.

In that schematic, the PTO GROUND circuit is controlled by a relay.
I suggest for a test-
Disconnect the plug to the PTO-
Using an ohm meter, connect the leads to the ground side of the PTO plug (from the harness, not the PTO side) and a good ground.
Energize the PTO switch as you normally would to cut (engine running etc.) and see if the ground circuit is completed.
You could also check the other lead with the volt meter to see if 12V is present under the same conditions.

IF no ground, the the relay is likely bad or making poor contact.

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