Opinions on a Bad Boy ZTR Purchase

jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)April 25, 2012

I have a chance to get a brand new Bad Boy 5000 CZT with a 23hp Vanguard engine. This is the low end of the commercial grade mover. I can get it for $4999.

I have been looking at ZTR's for a while now and for the most part it will cost $5,000 for a decent used commercial grade and I was kind of shocked to find a brand new commercial grade for that price.

I have been reading as much as possible on the Internet and don't see anything negative about Bad Boy's. As a matter of fact just the opposite. People that have them seem to like them. Only other one I can find in that price range new is Cub Cadet and what I read about them has said to stay away.

I'm only cutting about 2 acres of pretty rough ground with a slight grade. No real hills, but plenty of holes in the ground.

Just looking for opinions.


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I mow a little more than you do. I strongly considered a new CZT with a 60" deck and Kawasaki power. I didn't see anything wrong with it, but it seemed light to me for what is said to be a commercial mower. It took about 5 minutes for me to decide I liked it better than a Cub Cadet.

I do not know what your definition of a "decent used commercial" mower is, but where I live $5K will buy one with money to spare. I used but still very servicable Grasshopper, Scag, Kubota, Gravely, Hustler and others for $3K up. I ended up buying a used Gravely 260z with a 25hp Kawasaki and 60" deck, and it was a lot less than 5K. Its construction is easily the equal of the CZT.

I suggest that you shop the used market a bit more. If you decide on a new mower, the CZT will probably last a long time on 2 acres.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

I have not bought anything new since I bought a new Pontiac Bonneville in 1983 (probably the worst car I ever owned). I have had 3 used JD lawn tractors (110, 214 and still have a 318). I only buy used cars and I have a used boat. I'm thinking it's about time to treat myself to something brand new. Pretty sure I'm getting the CZT. I put $200 down on it and have to wait for it to come in so I can test drive.

I don't want one used for commercial use and can't find anything else I like as well as the CZT. I keep looking for Exmarks and Skag's, but people want top dollar for them around here.

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Good luck. Let us know how you like it.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

I got it on Saturday. Driving one really does take some getting used to. I usually start mowing near the house and work my way out, but in this case I started in the middle of the yard and worked towards the back of the lot. I didn't cut any bushes or small trees down!

Really cool the way you can cut right around a tree without ever backing up, but you have to be very careful. Also great the way you end a strip and then turn around and go back again with no backing up. Have to be careful though turning around on a slope. I had the front end come up in the air at least once.

By the time I finished cutting I was getting pretty good at driving it and manuevering around things, but it is really different. Wife says I get to cut two times before she times me to see how much faster it is. My front yard is what I did last and it took me about 45 minutes to cut a little more than an acre. I have three trees and the septic tank covers to mow around other than that it is open ground with a slight slope to it.

It was more fun to cut with than the lawn tractor, but not something I can't wait to do again. It also has a cup holder which is something I've never had before on a mower. Since I cut in the morning this time I just had a bottle of water in it. In the evening may have something more adult (Yuengling most likely).

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Ive tried the bad boys I really dont care for them they ride 2 rough for me. Kubota is my choice of mower I use Kubota ZD328P ZTR. I use mine for commercial lawncare tho. A Bad boy sounds like a good choice for yor need but they are rough ridn. I.M.O I would shop around. Bad Boy mowers are cheap for a reason and slow at 7mph and have bad fuel milege there is a reason that thing has a 14.5 gallon tank. I would suggest finding a diesel model if you plan on expanding to a lawn service. On the plus size its a very light mower at 860lbs. After all it is only designed for personal residential use.

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The ZT is a 7mph mower, the CZT is considerably faster.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

The CZT is a commercial grade unit and is rated at 10 mph. I know it goes way faster than I can possibly handle mowing my lot which is very rough. When I drove it up the driveway wide open it felt pretty fast. Did seem to use quite a bit of gas though.

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Yeah you rite I missread I didnt see the C. I only seen ZT (My Bad) but still I would recommend getting a diesel model for some reason they seem 2 get better milleage. And on a side note why would you wanna go 10mph anyway 7 is plenty fast unless you have a wide open smooth lot you are mowin on. I think my kubota goes 11mph. But Ive never went that fast no need 2.

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The top speeds are mostly for bragging rights or if you want to enter a zero turn road race maybe.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

I swear if you cut at even close to top speed you would look like a movie being played at fast speed.

I owned a diesel Volvo one time and it ran great and got good mileage, but I swore I would never own another diesel. The smell of the fuel would actually make me natius and the oil was so black when you drained it from the engine that you could hardly clean it off your hands if you happened to get some on you.

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Yeah thats the drawback diesel does stink it took me a long time 2 git used 2 it and the oil. Just sumthing about diesel engines just burns the crap out of oil. I wound up changing the oil in my mower every 2 weeks just 2 avoid the super black oil.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

Well I like the 50" Bad Boy CZT, but I was kind of wishing I got the 60". So I went back to the dealer and asked if I could make the swap to the bigger deck and what would the cost would be.

Found out I got a really good deal at $4999. It would cost me an extra $1,0000 for the bigger deck and $1200 if I replace the Vanguard motor with a Kawasaki. That's if I had bought it instead of the one I got. They normally sell the unit I got for $5899 and had it on sale, and I got the last one.

Bascially they would charge me an extra $200 now since I cut my grass once with it and they could no longer sell it as brand new. NO WAY

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These are questions to consider:

Will this mower be used for other than personal mowing? - Is your flat acreage smooth and rock-free? - are there many (or will there be) shrubs/bushes/trees/obstacles? - available storage room for unit (they do not do very well if left out in the weather espesialy in extreme hot or cold) - does the dealer offer full support (important for those breakdowns/repairs if you dont know how to repair yourself).

You mention a 50" deck - which might be allrite for your acreage but I agree a 60" deck would be best if you could git ahold of one..?

Anyhow - post of my Rules for buying new equipment...

1. Carefully evaluate the size mower you need and buy at least one size larger (For Example if you think you need a 28Hp get a 30Hp instead).

2. NEVER buy a mower from ANYPLACE that will not let you test drive it or at least a similar model. Ergonomics are just as important as performance and capability. (Vitally important!)

3. DO NOT base your purchase on price or brand name alone! Do proper research and find all of the available models that fit your criteria and haggle, save, or trade to get the right equipment for the job. Pick up a couple of extra residential yards to earn extra bucks. It is absolutely important that you do not compromise because of the price of your mower!!!!

If you follow these three tips you will end up a happy camper with just the right mower for the job. If you disregard this advice your gonna end up with One or the other of the following 2 problems:

A. Buyers remorse. Stuck with a piece of junk that is overpriced or simply a unit inadequate for the task at hand.


B. A pissed off spouse when you start shopping for another tractor just 3 - 6 months down the road because you didn't buy the right unit in the first place. (In my experience 2 or more acres a diesel model is best they are very tough and low maintenence).

Good Luck And Enjoy Your Purchase And May It Last Many Seasons.

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jimkw(5 - Mid Ohio)

At some point money has to enter into the decision and I didn't think a 10" bigger deck was worth $1200 more. If the difference would have been $500 or less I would have gone with the bigger deck.

This is just for cutting my 2 acres which is a farm field that we built a house on 10 years ago. I have planted lots of trees and have to cut around them and the ZTR makes that a lot eaiser, actually kind of fun to do.

The gound is very rough, but no rocks. I am turning the roughest part into a garden though with the old Troy Built Horse I bought last year. Garden will be about 30' x 70' to start with. Going to grow some sweet corn and some other veggies.

I don't have room for storing it in my shed yet, so another car just ended up outside until I do something with the shed. My tiller, JD 318 and Bad Boy will not sit outside and neither will my boat. Cars are made more for sitting out than any of these.

Dealer is great and offers full service, but I will learn to do most everything myself.

If I was buying on name alone I probably would not have bought a Bad Boy, but after researching on the web I see some excellent reviews and people seem to like them. Just seems like a better value than other name brands. Only time will tell for sure though.

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vandtbear1(S. Illinois)

jimkw, I recently bought the Bad Boy CZT with 60in Deck, 23HP Vanguard and upgraded with the Grammer seat.

This thing is a cutting SOB. The extra $ for the Grammer seat was well worth the money. Fully adjustable to any persons weight. Makes it ride like its on a cushion of air. You can run it wide open with ease and not feel like your going to get bucked off when you hit a rough spot.

I've been really happy with mine. I cut around 5+ acres that used to take me 3 hrs on my old rider. I've cut that down to 1 hr / 5 min. Quite a few trees and shrubs as well.

Sounds like you found a good deal on yours. That's the same price the lower end ZT w/60" Deck is going for around here.

The CZT is a much better line with the 2,000hr rated engines and bigger hydro pumps.

How has your held up so far?

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Only problem with cup holders is this: Any thing you put in them, that has any "fizz" to it---will definitely go flat in short order, from the jiggling that ensues when driving the machine! BT/DT!
Save the Yeunglings for when yer done, and can sit on the porch and enjoy it!
Rustyj-- Yeungling expert

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And no big gulps with a straw or open containers if it's a little bit dusty. Grit doesn't taste too good when your looking for big swig. ZTR's will throw some dust.

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I purched the pup in 2011 brand new I did allot of research on line and
Made my desision to buy the badboy pup mainly because they
Advertise lifetime warranty on the mower deck
We'll let give you some info on buying a badboy mower first of all
What the lifetime deck warranty covers is the 1/4" x1" pice of metal around front of the deck. 2 and the bearings on the blades has no grease fittings so the bearings go out often. I had the wavey part under the deck broke loose and got waded up and the dealer looked at it and said it was just tack welded from the factory and wasn't welded correctly.they called badboy and took pictures and sent them to badboy and they said it was my fault it broke and would not cover it . Anyways here is the bottom line their customer service is the worse I have ever dealt with they don't care if you are satisfied or not they don't warranty the motors you have to deal with the motor mfg overall I whould not recommend the mower.

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