Toro or Lawn Boy

ichigo82April 10, 2010

Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new mower and was wondering if you guys could give me a little input on the two I have in mind. I'm looking to purchase them from Home Depot and the models I have in mind are the Toro 22 In. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Recycler High Wheel Mower model#20331 or the Lawn Boy Electric Start Walk Power Mower model# 10642. I'm only looking to spend $300-350 and both of these are in my price range. I like that the Toro is a little bigger but the Lawn Boy has an electrical start but is only 20 inches. My lawn is flat but does have some holes in it. How's the customer service for these brands and are parts readily available?

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I say neither -- get a Toro 20332 ($349 at Home Depot, I think). To me, Personal Pace is more valuable than the high rear wheels, and you'll get rear wheel drive instead of front, which is an advantage when the grass bag starts to get heavy. If you have holes in your yard, fill them with dirt and then you won't have to worry.

Lawn Boy, which has been owned by Toro for several years, is a dying brand. Toro parts and service are available everywhere and likely will be for many years to come. There is no longer anything at all unique or special about Lawn Boy mowers -- they're just rebadged and repainted Toros with a few random features to differentiate them from Toro models.

Electric start is overrated IMO and is more trouble than it's worth because there's more to go wrong. I'd keep it simple and stick with the pull cord (aka recoil) starter.

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chesapeakebeach, thanks for the helpful info. I just ordered the Toro 20332 because of the personal pace and the bigger engine.

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I think you'll really like that mower. I recommend using Sta-Bil in your gas can gas at all times -- that way, your engine will always run well, and you won't accidentally forget to add it at the end of the summer.

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'I recommend using Sta-Bil in your gas can gas at all times'

Me too, and get the new 'marine' kind (blue, super-concentrate). I use it in my cars and truck too.

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Thanks for the help guys, I can't wait to get my mower. I just mowed my lawn yesterday with my old Black and Decker corded electrical mower and wrenched my lower back. Front tires got caught in some dense grass and walked right into the handle bar. Nearly flipped over the handle bar too. Any ways, where can I get Sta-Bil? Would they sell it at Sears? How much do I put into the gas can? Also, maybe you guys could help me out. I have a old Sears Craftsman 21cc 17inch weedwacker. I know it take a oil/gas mixture but what kind? I can't seem to find any manuals or info on this model.

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Nevermind, I happened to find the model number and have everything I need on the trimmer.

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You may be able to get Sta-Bil at Sears. Home Depot or Lowes have the red (non marine) kind for sure. I'd imagine West Marine or some similar marine supply stores have the blue kind.

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I've been getting the blue STA-BIL at NAPA, Wal Mart and other places. 1 oz treats 10 gallons, so if you get the little 8 oz bottle it will last a long time. For a 2 gal can you would only add 1/4 oz, but I usually put in 1/2 oz. Seafoam is fine too but a lot more expensive. STA-BIL contains fuel system cleaner as well as stabilizer.

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