Fisherboy in the Jungle!!!

jeannespinesAugust 20, 2010

Back in early May, I posted this pic of my "fisherboy" who sits at my pond & is quite old...we bought him at my DH's parents estate sale some yrs ago:

That wire bucket beside him was a TS find...has Japanese Bloodgrass growing in it.

Well, today (August), I took a pic to share he is still fishing but he's in the "jungle" with Elephant Ears now!

Another view:

Here's a close-up:

What a difference a few hot & humid mos. make, uh! Thanks for lookin'! Jeanne S.

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pondgal(6a Pa.)

How Cute! I had one for many years, but he finally fell apart. Hmmm...... I need to look for a new one. I have a nice little water plant box he sits by.

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Marlene Kindred

You're right....what a difference a few months make! He looks quite at home there amongst the elephant ears!

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Everything sure filled in nicely. He looks like he likes it there. My yard is barely alive with all the happenings this last 3 months, no time to garden. We got my dad 4 finches & he can see them out the kitchen window on the counter on the patio. He is thrilled & gives him something to do. He used to have several birdhouses in the yard so this is good substitute.Jan

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He's a smart little guy for finding himself a spot in the shade! Love the little lantern and turtle you have by him too.

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My Mother had one....My brother got it.
I'll bet it got washed out into the bay
during Hurricane Ivan.
I haven't seen it lately...

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I like spring and summer photos of the garden and your little guy seems to enjoy the elephant ears. I have a jungle of them this year along with banana trees with bananas...pretty cool for Indiana.


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WOW! Looks great! Worth the wait! I too, have planted some E ears, and they are Finally growing! I made a bog garden and have them and a brug in it and they are just starting to do something....Your fisherman is reminding me to get my Gnome Garden started...heh heh!

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