Honda HRA214 Roto-stop

bcphillyApril 3, 2009

I bot a decrepit HRA214 at a yard sale. The Roto Stop cable was stripped off with the clutch disengaged. I don't want to spend $24 for a new cable assmbly and don't need the BBC anyway. I removed the blade but i cannot get the ball ramp plate to rotate to engage the clutch plate. Do i need to remove the drive plate/pulley etc. to do this? Will it crank ok with the extra load?

Is this a bad concept?

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If all it needs is a $24 cable to become a functioning lawn mower, then yes your proposal is a "bad concept". It is bad from both a cost/benefit and safety perspective.

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canguy(British Columbia)

LOL.Come on now, 24 bucks and a bit of time will not break the bank. If everything else is o.k. you will have a great mower.

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Does anyone know where I can find the actual Roto-Stop Lever and most likely the cable? I just bought a Honda HRA214 and The woman told me she had it running, which I can believe, however I didn't notice the roto-stop lever that is shown on just about every picture I have seen online. Will my blade engage with out that lever?

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