Weeds in Floratam St. Augustinegrass

pinfishMay 25, 2009

I live in Panhandle of Florida. I bought a home last fall that was built in 1979. Existing grass is Floratam St. Augustinegrass. The yard is large and was neglected. Back yard was ok. Front yard is a mess. When I bought the house I was overwatering the lawn - had not done my homework. Overwater lead to fungus which I treated and got rid of. I hired a large Weed Control company over the winter and spring. The yard looks worse now than last fall. The weed control co said they applied a pre-emergent. Largest problems: yellow nutsedge and goosegrass, and to a lesser degree dollar grass. (I think- looks more like goosegrass than crabgrass). It's now the end of May and temps are upper 80's. I have cut back on watering to every 5-7 days. Now mowing the grass high. What can I do now that the temps are higher to kill the yellow nutsedge / goosegrass / dollarweed. I can dig up some of the gooseweed and cover these areas with sand - will take forever! Could sray the center of the gooseweed with round up and then dig them up. What about the other weeds. Can I spot treat the area with Image or sedgehammer without killing the grass. HELP!!!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The goosegrass and dollar weed are most important because they will choke out the St Aug. Spray them with Weed-B-Gone formulated for St Augustine. Ask for the right one at the nursery. That product should not hurt the grass.

Sledgehammer for the nutgrass might help. Just going to weekly watering will help because nutgrass likes it really wet. Mowing higher might help. Around San Antonio the new recommendation for nutgrass is to spray molasses on it. They say 1/4 cup per gallon, spray the leaves and drench the soil. Molasses always has to do with the microbes in the soil, but I don't know what they might be thinking.

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