Snapper 3311X6S Engine Replacement

steve257April 20, 2010

2 years ago, my original Wisconsin engine on my Snapper RER decided to die (burned piston or valve I suspect -- no visible damage, but engine just spins with no compression).

I finally got a B&S engine to replace it, and have a question: When removing the engine, will the drive plate come out through the frame, or must it be removed from the bottom before removing the engine? It'd be a lot easier if I could remove it after removing the engine but wanted an 'expert' opinion before I broke the old engine loose.


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Yes, it will come out! And, before you remove the drive plate from the end of the crank-shaft, carefully measure the distance from the mounting flange on the bottom of the engine block, to the lower face of the drive plate and install the adapter so that the plate will have the same measurement. Another way to say it is: From the top of the place where the engine sits, to the bottom face of the drive disc. It is much easier to do it the first way, with the engine off the machine! This from a long time owner of those machines, Rusty Jones

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Thanks Rusty...
I was hoping that it would--I didn't look forward to busting knuckles trying to loosen those allen screws! I was wondering about that measurement too--thanks for clearing it up for me.

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