Wind spinner basics ( for those who asked )

toomuchglass(5)August 17, 2010

I went to the hardware store & they had solid rods and hollow tubes - so I played with them untill I found one that fits right over the rod with no wobbling .

First I wrapped the marble with wire and attached it to the tube so it wouldn't move. The little bit of curve on the

marble that sits down inside the tube will be the pivot point for the whole top that slides down over the rod .

Now the tube with the attached marble can slide down over the rod and spin. If it doesn't spin - you can glue an upside down thumbtack to the top of the rod - that way the pivot is on the marble & against the point of the tack. The less surface area touching - the better for no friction.

I used copper wire & those copper leaves to make the 3 sides of the spinner . The leaves are large enough to catch the wind. I soldered mine - but I bet JB Weld Putty would do just as good. You can always add stuff to cover up the putty.

The solar light has the same idea - a marble glued into the bottom of the light so it can pivot on the rod.

The ideas are endless... I'm out of copper leaves - maybe beer can flowers can be on the next one !

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Thanks! OH does the copper wire go down to the leaves(are they all connected) or else seems to me you would have to have something on tube stopping the leaves from going further down(like to the ground) The marble part being connected to leaves by a wire we aren't seeing is the key to whole thing you said so I think they must be connected??? Think I lost me on this 1. LOL Jan

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The wire around the marble isn't connected to the leaves ... it's cut off & attached right to the brass tube. The lower leaves and wire is totally seperate from the top. ....

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THANK YOU for the good instructions kind of you to share so we can all give it a try.

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Okey doke, first, thank you!!! I have a couple questions, too. #1 - and I feel like a dork asking this, cause its probably a very obvious answer, but, where do you get the gorgeous marbles? Kids don't play with them so much anymore so are they easy to find? Yours looks like a good sized one anyway.
#2 - brass tube gotcha, but what did you use for the solid rod? rebar? something else? in the other pictures it looked like a hard plastic or something.

I've seen those leaves, weren't they Home Interiors or something? Heck, Mom used to have the big spray on the wall! Anyway, I've seen them while thrifting and thought there had to be something to use them for, but I couldn't come up with anything at the time, so I left them. Darn it!

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks for the instructions! I just got some leaves on my yard crawl, so I may just try them out! Love the marble top spinner!~

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No Dumb questions Kelly ! I picked up a couple big marbles long ago - There's a store by me that sells big marbles & stones - here's a link. The rod is a 6' piece of steel - it has threads all the way down it. I don't know what it was used for ! It was all they had - I just cut it in half.

Here is a link that might be useful: marble site

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Could you please tell me where you found the leaves? Did you make them from copper sheeting?
Thanks so much!

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I bet what you got was "threaded rod." It comes in different diameters and lengths. One "junk" book I have shows how to make a pot person using threaded rod because you get bend it too. It's nice because you can screw nuts along its length to hold things in place.

I'll have to keep an eye out for those leaves. I remember how popular they were to hang on the wall. Home Interiors was big at selling them years ago.

Maybe to explain the marble's purpose better ... it serves like the tip of a top so that the pipe with the leaves attached sits on top of the threaded rod. It balances on the rod so that the pipe can easily spin around.

Thanks for the great instructions!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)


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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Glass!!! NOW I'm doubly envious!!!!!
1. you made these marvelous wind spinners and
I have LOVED that store for YEARS!!! I finally made my first purchase from them a couple weeks ago, they've always had the coolest stuff that I wanted, but couldn't think of what to use them for, other than to have for 'someday'. I think I need my own storage shed for my 'someday' stuff :)

Ok, I think I have some threaded rod, and I'm pretty sure I have a chime from a broken wind chime that will fit over it....... ideas are bubbling :)

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You know about Science & Surplus ????????? LOL I didn't think anyone would !!! They do have the weirdest AND coolest stuff !! I have a bunch of stuff I bought from them for "someday projects" ,too . I swear ,my house is gonna explode someday !

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I am kicking myself...right before I saw your post, I helped a friend set up a garage sale...she had BOXES of copper leaves!!!! I thought, "These are so cool! What would I do with them?" So, I passed them up! As Charlie Brown would say, "AAAARGHHHH!!!!!!" What a cool project! You are soooo creative!!!! I'm always saying that, and I mean it!!!! BEAR HUGS! Kirk

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I wanted to try to make one of these but all the photos have gone away. Could you email them to me?

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cinnebar_kim(zone7 Memphis)

I would like to try and make one of these, but the photos aren't available. Could you please email them to me?
Thank you so much.

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