Riding lawn mower

minneytoo(Z4)April 16, 2014

What are some of the decent brands out there today
For riding mowers

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Although John Deere is considered a reliable brand thoughout models, what is the target price range?

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Along with price range, how much are you planning to mow?

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One more point of clarification: "Riding lwanmower" is usually consider a mower where the engine is under or behind the seat and the cutting width is under 40". Lawn/garden tractors normally have the engine up front, have larger cutting widths- 42" plus and as the name implies, look like small farm tractors. There are also zero-turn mowers. The type of mower can make a difference is which brand is "reliable" and some manufacturers don't make a version of all three.

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Really hoping to find a used riding lawnmower. This would not fall under tractor/mower. I understand motors now are not all made by branded name so not sure what to look for.

Would like to stay under $1,000 but do not want to buy someone else's junk. i.e. cheap product

No big field to mow. I do not know actual size. Decent sized corner lot

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I'm not very familiar with rear engine rider mowers, but I understand Snapper is a decent brand. I think some Sears Craftsman are made by Snapper. John Deere used to make one too.Sorry I couldn't be more help.
When buying any mower used, it's a crap shoot. Look for signs of good maintenance like general cleanliness, signs of rust expecially on the deck, sharpened blades or spare blades, that the oil is not gritty and full level, look for leaks on the floor, warn or burnt belts. If it has grease zerks--that they show signs of being used. Look for excess exhaust smoke. If it is a hydro, let it run for 15 min. then drive it on the level and then up an incline and take note of any loss of power. Ask questions about maintenance and problems, most people have a hard time being untruthful to a direct specific question.

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